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    TONITE! is the night. HAHAH! :D
    rehearsal lah babes. :)) tomorrow got this stupiakkk BENGKEL.
    and then after that,,me,kirstey CHAWWW karabawww P sannaaaaaaaaa Ujana KEWANGAN. hurhmm im tired NOW. :(

    gotta go. mwah.

    "DANCEdance." was Posted On: 30.4.09 @5:33 PM | 0 lovely comments

    TONITE! is the night. HAHAH! :D
    rehearsal lah babes. :)) tomorrow got this stupiakkk BENGKEL.
    and then after that,,me,kirstey CHAWWW karabawww P sannaaaaaaaaa Ujana KEWANGAN. hurhmm im tired NOW. :(

    gotta go. mwah.

    "DANCEdance." was Posted @5:33 PM | 0 lovely comments
    my EX minta couple balik.

    like OHMYGOD.
    LEAVE me alone!
    i mean it when i said "DUDE, GET OUTTA MY LIFE" . you LIED to me,YOU CHEATED on me. You told everyone,, you ASKED your BESTFRIEND to lie to me and said that YOU and THAT GIRL were just FRIENDS and that GIRL is his GIRLFRIEND not yours. OH FUCK. HOW MANY GUYS WILL LIKE TO SEE THEIR OWN GIRLFRIEND HOLDING HANDS AND HUGGING WITH ANOTHER GUY? :D you guys TELL me THAT!. i wanna know the answer. IF YOU GUYS WILL JUST LET YOUR "LADY" BE DOING THAT WITH OTHER GUYS..then imma say u guys are just a bunch of "ASSWHORES" who just dig up some shit and start cumming on the WHORE down the street. so yeah i was saying ..My ex had been calling me and smsing me,, begging me to start going out with him again,, well....i did tell him that i have a boyfriend and that HE taught me not to be "CURANG" with my man. so YEAH.. i aint gonna curang with "CERRER costind" ,, my ex had been causing havoc eversince.. he had been disturbing me since "DannRandyJustine" and i guess..he still won't give up. WELL, he ever called Dann a GAY. and I DONT LIKE THAT. OUWH GUESS WHAT! :D he just smsed! and this is what he said "Jay smpai hati ko buat aq mcm nie. org btl2 syg kat ko ..n klu aq tau aku inda akn cple dgn ppuan 2 hri 2 fhm. inda apalh kot kau bukn jodoh aq kan?" BHA EYHSEHH...BJIWANG C KAWAN. sorry baby,,its just TOO late. and I DONT WANT YOU BACK.

    "my EX minta couple balik." was Posted On: 29.4.09 @5:13 PM | 0 lovely comments
    KAPLAratz taking revenge

    oh no! :D
    haha!! :D
    c kaplaratz tadi minta puji.

    HE ASKED my darling "Avie Jaine" to check my bag tadi when he maw saman. cuz SOMEBODY report me bwa hp.awal pagi lagi tuh. PA KAW RASA? ada kaw jumpa HP? :D hahaha!!! sooo yeahh. i was at the canteen sma avie. the bag kna check.
    well MY hp d pocket.. then he ask me to bdiri jauh2 from my bag.and i pretend to wash my hand and throw my hp in the sink.and i ask "UNCLE BONGdaricanteen" to take my phone. HAHAH! :D YEY! :D begok punya KAPLARATS. sua kpala tu rata..RATA LAH BHA! :D

    "KAPLAratz taking revenge" was Posted On: 28.4.09 @7:36 PM | 0 lovely comments
    i called that GAY a fucking GAY.


    Here's the STORY. :D
    & learn.

    this is JAYY. :)

    i was walking with sasa.
    and i SAW the GAY :D


    i don't DON'T like him.
    but he has BAD MOUTH. :) so obviously WHAT WE DO TO BADMOUTHED PPL.
    i take revenge.
    and why i take revenge??

    • he came to my dad's shop and said "apa ni? nak buka kedai tapi semua takde! boss pun tak guna" oi! Pakcik ku syg. your talking about my DAD!"
    • I know lah you LIKE yusup. but please..if u like yusup don't cari HAL with me. kaw kan tua sua.??
    • he call me GRO. cibaii futhamucka.kaw pikir syukk kana panggil G.R.O? cuba sa panggil kaw GAY YANG JUAL DIRI KAW MAW?
    so okay. you got that?so thenn i was at SAMSCHOOLBOUTIQUEE with sasa. and he came out he say to me. "EH! PA KAW CKP TD?" then i look at him and say "ah??kaw terasa kah? sa ckp td tuh? kasian juga kaw , sa ckkp urg sannnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaaaaa tuh bha" then he say "eyh,kaw jaga ja mulut kaw tuh!" then i say," embha,siou kaw tersa UNCLE" . then he said "jangan kaw menyesal,,kalaw kaw kna amput lelaki FREE"..HAHAH!!! ohmagad. then i felt bad i said he gay. tp in the end i pikir blik "KNAPA DIA TERASA?? DIA SEDAR DIRI DIA GAY KAH?"

    well kids.thats all for now. be continued.

    "i called that GAY a fucking GAY." was Posted @7:08 PM | 0 lovely comments
    imissyou, :((

    i cant explain the pain baby. :\

    "imissyou, :((" was Posted @6:05 PM | 0 lovely comments
    baby. dont make me cry

    this is TRUE LOVE. :(
    don't make me cry agen .

    "baby. dont make me cry" was Posted On: 27.4.09 @8:05 PM | 0 lovely comments

    apa bisa? :(
    knpa bha kaw ni jayy??
    knpa kaww!! knapa!! cuba bha.. :((

    "indah." was Posted @7:28 PM | 0 lovely comments
    i feel sad,jealous,fcuked up.

    ooh me.
    save me from this jealousy.
    i know he has a.b now..and i have cc
    BUT WHY! :(
    do i have to keep hoping that he still loves me? :(
    i have no idea y im feeling this way. is this love? TELL ME! :(

    "i feel sad,jealous,fcuked up." was Posted @7:20 PM | 0 lovely comments

    describe rain baby? :D

    "" was Posted On: 26.4.09 @6:37 PM | 0 lovely comments

    the tattoos are soo WONDERFUL :D
    especially BC13! AWHMAGASH

    "tatts." was Posted @6:24 PM | 0 lovely comments
    iminlovewiththis ♥

    Tunjukkan Aku - boneca.

    Musik dari jiwa
    Lagu dari hati
    Cerita sepurnama
    Canda dan menangis

    Belum ku selami
    Caturan terjadi
    Lelah dipukul badai
    Apa mungkin terlerai?


    *Soalan tersendu
    Balas hampa bisu
    Tuhan, tunjuk sesuatu
    Apa dia yang satu itu?

    Tunjukkan aku
    Tunjukkan aku


    Apa bisa ku cinta
    Kamu seperti mana
    Aku dicinta kamu?
    Aku dijaga kamu?
    Atau kamu terlalu
    Indah buat diriku?
    Beda dari diriku?
    Aku pun tak menahu

    (Repeat *)

    (Repeat chorus 2x)

    Aku pun tak menahu
    Aku pun tak menahu

    Apa bisa ku cinta?
    Apa bisa ku cinta?
    Apa bisa ku cinta?

    Tuhan, tunjukkan aku

    "iminlovewiththis ♥" was Posted @6:18 PM | 0 lovely comments
    take my hand and?

    kiss me VIOLENTLY.
    ahah! :D


    im feeling fcuking bored at the mo.

    wee go gee hoping.
    lets all go scream baby! :D
    yarhyarhyahr! pa ka?

    mann...i just wish some ppl can fcuk off
    go get your sex on girl! :D
    hahaa! XD

    "take my hand and?" was Posted @5:40 PM | 0 lovely comments
    meet the LOVABLE guys. :D

    cerrercostind,Dannrandyjustine,Ian william

    These guys are the LOVE of my life :D
    they are TOTALLY wonderful.lovable,trustable.

    :D love them much. ♥

    "meet the LOVABLE guys. :D" was Posted @12:29 PM | 0 lovely comments
    l o v e

    what can you think about it?
    anymore LOVABLE way of showing it??? :))
    i love Cerrer Costind :D

    cerrerCOSTIND = my LOVE,my LIFE,my everything .

    "l o v e" was Posted @12:18 PM | 0 lovely comments
    ilovebigbuttsandicannotlie! :D

    ilovebigbutts and i cannot lie! :D
    no other brother can deny! :D

    lol whatever! :D
    wellimtotally bored at the moment.
    words can describe me :D

    so okayy.LATESTBULLshit.

    #1 i almost broke up with Cerrer Costind
    #2 i am still fucking pissed off with someone.
    #3 i cant believe that someone sms'd Cerrer and told him i was cheating on him
    #4 i hate guys like "mramla" cuz guys like HIM makes guys like my boy look like some ASSWHORES who fcukd the lame transy bitch down the street.

    "ilovebigbuttsandicannotlie! :D" was Posted @12:02 PM | 0 lovely comments
    Happy Birthday DannRjustine .♥

    Happy 17th birtday

    Dann Randy Justine,,words cant explain him

    but i think i'll try


    hurhmm i donno what else to well happy birthday!

    "Happy Birthday DannRjustine .♥" was Posted @11:44 AM | 0 lovely comments
    baby :D ilysm.

    Dear,dear, heartbeat.


    Cerrer Costind

    god damn it ILOVEHIM

    "baby :D ilysm." was Posted On: 25.4.09 @5:40 PM | 0 lovely comments

    :D yeah bitch im back

    "ohmagash." was Posted @5:24 PM | 0 lovely comments

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