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    ilovebigbuttsandicannotlie! :D

    ilovebigbutts and i cannot lie! :D
    no other brother can deny! :D

    lol whatever! :D
    wellimtotally bored at the moment.
    words can describe me :D

    so okayy.LATESTBULLshit.

    #1 i almost broke up with Cerrer Costind
    #2 i am still fucking pissed off with someone.
    #3 i cant believe that someone sms'd Cerrer and told him i was cheating on him
    #4 i hate guys like "mramla" cuz guys like HIM makes guys like my boy look like some ASSWHORES who fcukd the lame transy bitch down the street.

    "ilovebigbuttsandicannotlie! :D" was Posted On: 26.4.09 @12:02 PM | 0 lovely comments

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