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    KAPLAratz taking revenge

    oh no! :D
    haha!! :D
    c kaplaratz tadi minta puji.

    HE ASKED my darling "Avie Jaine" to check my bag tadi when he maw saman. cuz SOMEBODY report me bwa hp.awal pagi lagi tuh. PA KAW RASA? ada kaw jumpa HP? :D hahaha!!! sooo yeahh. i was at the canteen sma avie. the bag kna check.
    well MY hp d pocket.. then he ask me to bdiri jauh2 from my bag.and i pretend to wash my hand and throw my hp in the sink.and i ask "UNCLE BONGdaricanteen" to take my phone. HAHAH! :D YEY! :D begok punya KAPLARATS. sua kpala tu rata..RATA LAH BHA! :D

    "KAPLAratz taking revenge" was Posted On: 28.4.09 @7:36 PM | 0 lovely comments

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