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    my EX minta couple balik.

    like OHMYGOD.
    LEAVE me alone!
    i mean it when i said "DUDE, GET OUTTA MY LIFE" . you LIED to me,YOU CHEATED on me. You told everyone,, you ASKED your BESTFRIEND to lie to me and said that YOU and THAT GIRL were just FRIENDS and that GIRL is his GIRLFRIEND not yours. OH FUCK. HOW MANY GUYS WILL LIKE TO SEE THEIR OWN GIRLFRIEND HOLDING HANDS AND HUGGING WITH ANOTHER GUY? :D you guys TELL me THAT!. i wanna know the answer. IF YOU GUYS WILL JUST LET YOUR "LADY" BE DOING THAT WITH OTHER GUYS..then imma say u guys are just a bunch of "ASSWHORES" who just dig up some shit and start cumming on the WHORE down the street. so yeah i was saying ..My ex had been calling me and smsing me,, begging me to start going out with him again,, well....i did tell him that i have a boyfriend and that HE taught me not to be "CURANG" with my man. so YEAH.. i aint gonna curang with "CERRER costind" ,, my ex had been causing havoc eversince.. he had been disturbing me since "DannRandyJustine" and i guess..he still won't give up. WELL, he ever called Dann a GAY. and I DONT LIKE THAT. OUWH GUESS WHAT! :D he just smsed! and this is what he said "Jay smpai hati ko buat aq mcm nie. org btl2 syg kat ko ..n klu aq tau aku inda akn cple dgn ppuan 2 hri 2 fhm. inda apalh kot kau bukn jodoh aq kan?" BHA EYHSEHH...BJIWANG C KAWAN. sorry baby,,its just TOO late. and I DONT WANT YOU BACK.

    "my EX minta couple balik." was Posted On: 29.4.09 @5:13 PM | 0 lovely comments

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