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    i hate this fcuking life. haha,,few days your up,,then right. XD icannotstandthishellanylonger. i mean...i miss those DAYS that you just laugh about everything. NOW ITS JUST all gone. KAPUSH. xDanywayy.. :) its already schoolHOLIDAYS. AND! im already BORED. amuzing. well..depends actually.. im bz with dance now.( AGAIN? ) YEAH...hurhmm im bored,, i dont even know what i shouldtype anymore..this is just so GAY,,hahaa. oh yeah.. i had a few conflicts on the pass few days. i fought with "IAN" , "CERRER" and "ALICIA"lol.i love fighting with her. so heres the story.

    Ian William :
    i fought with him becausee,, wait it wasnt a fight,, it was more of a "coldwar" . cuz i was mad and ferocious & he was "TOTALLY STEADY AND CALM" like whatthefuck? so yeah. i was jealous about..urh,,his "adik angkat" named AYUMI. like euw... eurgh. so yeah.. he ask me to bkawan with her and i sed "eww namaw!!" and he asked y ( like OBVIOUSLY ) , then i said. " xmaw,,teda hati maw bkwn ma dia,,fcukx sa malas" . then he sed " ouh okayy :)" soo then i did'nt realize that i was actually jealous that was sooo WEIRD. i mean like totally weird. IT AIN'T NORMAL I SAY! xD i'm serious,,im not the type to go jealous easy.. ONLY! with certain ppl that is. XD is that considered jealous? so yeahhh ON WITH THE STORY. so then ,, the next day i smsed ian and said "IANN!!!" and he replied " y suddenly call me ian? " then i said.. "uhh,.,then??" he reply. " koko bha?" then me being evil said " what FOR? your not my koko?? since when we bcame adik bradik angkat huh??" then......"then y that day call me koko?" thenn.. "cuz i ikut2 ppl call u koko" then " oh." then. "yaa" . thennnn blablablaaaaa.. " u dun wanna be my adikangkat? :(" me :" uh..maw tew maw..but,,me penjealous" then "y?" then "explained whats written earlier if eu read properly :) ". F.Y.I beloved readers,, this is still happening. stupid.

    this guy? is like the total asshole. i fight with him like a thousand times in a week.and im serious about the calculation. like fer gods sake EVERY single thing i do or say is WRONG. oh get a life muchacho. BENISSIMO IRRITANTE! ai am serio ! ishh.. so anyway..he blame me for every single thing. and say this " beben understands me more than you" THEN WHAT THE FUCK! LEAVE ME AND GO FUCK THAT PRANSY BITCH LAH! i so bad i call beben bitch,,she's okay. its just my expression. hahaha XD i love beben! :) i mean it. so yeah..leave me and go for beben lah. but NOOOOO.. he's fidgeting up my ass and getting all lovey on me. well too bad.. 45% of my feelings for you is LOST,KAPUT!perdersi d'animo. :) i mean it.

    alicia? :)
    shes just a BITCH being at places at the wrong times of the day..GIRL. i HATE YOU.

    "6789998212" was Posted On: 30.5.09 @5:57 PM | 0 lovely comments
    read all about it! :)

    I don't do introductions or whatsoever fuck you call it
    the info below is all that you should ONLY know
    the rest, have the guts to ask nicely

    so when someone says that THEY'LL LOVE YOU TILL THE END? i'll just say BULLSHIT.
    My dad taught me how to stand my rights and when people cheat you,, look em in the face and say YOUR A GREAT BULLSHITTER :) yey for my DAD.



    Tongue piercing = sexy . EarstrechtTHING? = makes a boy , a man . Snakebitepiercings = totally adorable .

    teddyBEARs & cigarettes = addictions


    "read all about it! :)" was Posted On: 19.5.09 @5:27 PM | 0 lovely comments
    he so CUTE :) i just noticed. :p

    cutie :) lovelovelove my Arh-Chang @ hilary fernandez.

    "he so CUTE :) i just noticed. :p" was Posted On: 17.5.09 @5:44 PM | 0 lovely comments
    saya BENCI izzaliana TEO. :)

    dislikes her attitude, and her stupid ways of makin ppl fight. WHAT THE FUCK DO YOU WANT BITCH! first,, it was about jira, then it was about ME,, then now CKIN & OPIE. apakann u ni..
    kaw maw sangat CARI PASAL NGAN KAWAN2 KU ! KAW MAW AKU TMPAR KO KAH? sekali lagi ko ah.. mun ko mencari pasal laie,, nda ku tmpar,, tarus ku mengantam ko tuh,, ko patut btaubat,, rumah kita ani bdakatan.. mun ku kan antamm ,, tarus ku ke sana. ON THE SPOT aku antam ko ne laii. duli lah bpa mu sna.. ku gtau pa kaw bwat bha.. tahlur! burit banar ko ne. nasib bek lah ko ndak seteruk ,, mun ko nda pndai jaga diri,, burit mu atu ilang wah d amput . nasib bek lah ko tuh baik ckit. .

    "saya BENCI izzaliana TEO. :)" was Posted On: 15.5.09 @5:16 PM | 0 lovely comments
    i can't take this.

    PAINFUL! :( ilovehimbha.

    "i can't take this." was Posted On: 3.5.09 @5:21 PM | 0 lovely comments
    yesterday was a memory. :]


    "yesterday was a memory. :]" was Posted @11:05 AM | 0 lovely comments
    when i start to love a person...

    this is what happens, , the relationship ENDS. :(( i don't know what else to do. YEAH i said "CERRER" was my last. oh yeah,, he's the last..till the right one comes. :(( ilycerrer,,and i always will :(

    "when i start to love a person..." was Posted On: 2.5.09 @10:23 AM | 0 lovely comments

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