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    i hate this fcuking life. haha,,few days your up,,then right. XD icannotstandthishellanylonger. i mean...i miss those DAYS that you just laugh about everything. NOW ITS JUST all gone. KAPUSH. xDanywayy.. :) its already schoolHOLIDAYS. AND! im already BORED. amuzing. well..depends actually.. im bz with dance now.( AGAIN? ) YEAH...hurhmm im bored,, i dont even know what i shouldtype anymore..this is just so GAY,,hahaa. oh yeah.. i had a few conflicts on the pass few days. i fought with "IAN" , "CERRER" and "ALICIA"lol.i love fighting with her. so heres the story.

    Ian William :
    i fought with him becausee,, wait it wasnt a fight,, it was more of a "coldwar" . cuz i was mad and ferocious & he was "TOTALLY STEADY AND CALM" like whatthefuck? so yeah. i was jealous about..urh,,his "adik angkat" named AYUMI. like euw... eurgh. so yeah.. he ask me to bkawan with her and i sed "eww namaw!!" and he asked y ( like OBVIOUSLY ) , then i said. " xmaw,,teda hati maw bkwn ma dia,,fcukx sa malas" . then he sed " ouh okayy :)" soo then i did'nt realize that i was actually jealous that was sooo WEIRD. i mean like totally weird. IT AIN'T NORMAL I SAY! xD i'm serious,,im not the type to go jealous easy.. ONLY! with certain ppl that is. XD is that considered jealous? so yeahhh ON WITH THE STORY. so then ,, the next day i smsed ian and said "IANN!!!" and he replied " y suddenly call me ian? " then i said.. "uhh,.,then??" he reply. " koko bha?" then me being evil said " what FOR? your not my koko?? since when we bcame adik bradik angkat huh??" then......"then y that day call me koko?" thenn.. "cuz i ikut2 ppl call u koko" then " oh." then. "yaa" . thennnn blablablaaaaa.. " u dun wanna be my adikangkat? :(" me :" uh..maw tew maw..but,,me penjealous" then "y?" then "explained whats written earlier if eu read properly :) ". F.Y.I beloved readers,, this is still happening. stupid.

    this guy? is like the total asshole. i fight with him like a thousand times in a week.and im serious about the calculation. like fer gods sake EVERY single thing i do or say is WRONG. oh get a life muchacho. BENISSIMO IRRITANTE! ai am serio ! ishh.. so anyway..he blame me for every single thing. and say this " beben understands me more than you" THEN WHAT THE FUCK! LEAVE ME AND GO FUCK THAT PRANSY BITCH LAH! i so bad i call beben bitch,,she's okay. its just my expression. hahaha XD i love beben! :) i mean it. so yeah..leave me and go for beben lah. but NOOOOO.. he's fidgeting up my ass and getting all lovey on me. well too bad.. 45% of my feelings for you is LOST,KAPUT!perdersi d'animo. :) i mean it.

    alicia? :)
    shes just a BITCH being at places at the wrong times of the day..GIRL. i HATE YOU.

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