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    di mana letak syurga itu..
    biar ku gantikan dirimu denganku..
    adakah tangga syurga itu..
    biarku temukan untuk bersamamu...

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    • openg
    • eleanor and broDENN
    • myBABE sharienna
    • sygs FakhruL
    • sasa syg. & me :)

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    helloHELLO :)

    ♥ GoodEVENINGlove ♥

    ♥ ouwhJAYY ♥

    TODAY :

    1. Went to church
    2. sleep
    3. sms sms sms sms sms
    4. went to ganggarak

    1. school
    2. extra class
    3. art :(
    4. SCHOOLsucks.

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    dukeDUKEdukeDUKE :)
    DON'T ask. i have no idea. :)

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    Im out - i'll update again tomorrow

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    he so cute :) lol


    DukeCatt . :)

    he's sooo cute ,
    what makes him cute??

    1. the piercings
    2. the tattoos
    3. the gorgeous smile
    4. that dimple from the piercing
    5. i think im in love XD

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    Michael Jackson R.I.P

    I have to admit that i was one of Mike's DieHardFANS WHEN i was a kid. :)
    so of all means. Rest in Peace Mikey, your still the king of POP.

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    descendants from HELL

    meaningless. bt thats like based on me. i mean.. i can be so sweet yet everything i do is WRONG. :(( im from HELL . .i just that FALLEN angel whose addicted to SINS.

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    sasa & Hillary.

    LOL. :) today was like FUNNY,HAPPENING,FUN, & totallyPICTORIOUS. :) me and sasa was planning to do some song work and stuff. blarblahrblarh.. then we terMET c Hillary Tang Fu Lin :) he's getting more GORGEOUS. :) gehee ^^ my bro juga :) and!! :) the most fabulous thing that happened today was.. "PHOTOGRAPHY!" we were walking around taking few muchos of pics. FUN lol.. :) i should get the pics from ma babe sasa later. :) gehee.. do visit her bloggie :) its in the links :)
    so much to sayy,, :) not much time. haha :)) gehee. maybe tommoroww,, :) mwahx.

    "sasa & Hillary." was Posted On: 26.6.09 @5:41 PM | 0 lovely comments
    CerrerCostind <3

    wo ai ni :P
    LOL. habis me kna tampar oleh c Loq nantiHAHAHA! :P
    gggrrrr..btw,,dia (cerrer) bikin sa panas tadi bha~ lol dia makan jeruk mangga!! sa pun maw! XD

    eyh. since when i talk BM in my blog? thats kinda weird.LOL XD
    u know what?? :)

    to teachers "miss Janet Rose Tanakinjal"
    scolded me in class..
    lol ME again.
    usual.. lame. :))
    she was scolding the class about the novel and blablablaaa
    then i had an headache + fever soo i kinda like put my hand at my head, ngam kah dat?
    and closed my eyes for a few mins,,must have dozed of and she shout!

    "Jayneice! are you sleeping?? kurang ajar!! boleh lagi dia tidur masa cikgu marah2?blablablaa~ i slap your face !"

    i was like "uh..yeah2wahtever"

    then she blabbed ON andON andONNN oooouwh it was such a pain LOL.

    "CerrerCostind <3" was Posted On: 23.6.09 @6:02 PM | 0 lovely comments
    im back.

    HELLO loves. :)) hehe IMback&imBLOGGING. :)) so yeah,,when i got back my dad and mom asked me "Heii daughter,, how was holidays?" so heres my answer

    =To Dad,,

    Dad,,it was fabulous,, i was free . i had no stress!~ i didnt have to face town ALWAYS. like tired of town. i want to go back there,,,i miss you though,,, but still ~ i LOVE it there..alot. :))

    mom, :)
    it was AMAZING!~ i met hotties mom!!! like seriously HOT,, but my LAME. lol :)) ahahaa so yeah,, mom!~ i have a new boyfie mommy~ he's name is "Spencer Tadem" . he's cute mommy,, you'll like him ^____^ hahaa,, im serious. Mom,,i wanna go back to sarawak. ^__^
    i cant wait.

    "im back." was Posted On: 13.6.09 @5:39 PM | 0 lovely comments

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