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    CerrerCostind <3

    wo ai ni :P
    LOL. habis me kna tampar oleh c Loq nantiHAHAHA! :P
    gggrrrr..btw,,dia (cerrer) bikin sa panas tadi bha~ lol dia makan jeruk mangga!! sa pun maw! XD

    eyh. since when i talk BM in my blog? thats kinda weird.LOL XD
    u know what?? :)

    to teachers "miss Janet Rose Tanakinjal"
    scolded me in class..
    lol ME again.
    usual.. lame. :))
    she was scolding the class about the novel and blablablaaa
    then i had an headache + fever soo i kinda like put my hand at my head, ngam kah dat?
    and closed my eyes for a few mins,,must have dozed of and she shout!

    "Jayneice! are you sleeping?? kurang ajar!! boleh lagi dia tidur masa cikgu marah2?blablablaa~ i slap your face !"

    i was like "uh..yeah2wahtever"

    then she blabbed ON andON andONNN oooouwh it was such a pain LOL.

    "CerrerCostind <3" was Posted On: 23.6.09 @6:02 PM | 0 lovely comments

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