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    im back.

    HELLO loves. :)) hehe IMback&imBLOGGING. :)) so yeah,,when i got back my dad and mom asked me "Heii daughter,, how was holidays?" so heres my answer

    =To Dad,,

    Dad,,it was fabulous,, i was free . i had no stress!~ i didnt have to face town ALWAYS. like tired of town. i want to go back there,,,i miss you though,,, but still ~ i LOVE it there..alot. :))

    mom, :)
    it was AMAZING!~ i met hotties mom!!! like seriously HOT,, but my LAME. lol :)) ahahaa so yeah,, mom!~ i have a new boyfie mommy~ he's name is "Spencer Tadem" . he's cute mommy,, you'll like him ^____^ hahaa,, im serious. Mom,,i wanna go back to sarawak. ^__^
    i cant wait.

    "im back." was Posted On: 13.6.09 @5:39 PM | 0 lovely comments

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