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    sasa & Hillary.

    LOL. :) today was like FUNNY,HAPPENING,FUN, & totallyPICTORIOUS. :) me and sasa was planning to do some song work and stuff. blarblahrblarh.. then we terMET c Hillary Tang Fu Lin :) he's getting more GORGEOUS. :) gehee ^^ my bro juga :) and!! :) the most fabulous thing that happened today was.. "PHOTOGRAPHY!" we were walking around taking few muchos of pics. FUN lol.. :) i should get the pics from ma babe sasa later. :) gehee.. do visit her bloggie :) its in the links :)
    so much to sayy,, :) not much time. haha :)) gehee. maybe tommoroww,, :) mwahx.

    "sasa & Hillary." was Posted On: 26.6.09 @5:41 PM | 0 lovely comments

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