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    haha XD hilarious moments.

    everything is just FUNNY today.
    i don't know why. :)

    1st thing was the DOG smell in school , which actually is the smell of Lavender. I LOVE lavender but this one just STINKS like hell. :P
    and then the 2nd thing was Maria and Audd,,they kann tinggal d bitaNovva home,,so their guardian was there to pick up the students and when maria saw her..they HIDE like bloody hell behind me and i couldnt stop LAUGHING! XD
    i was going to explode,,
    the best part was when my driver called her,,cuz i smsed him from her phone.
    she kinda shouted at me and said

    it was HILARIOUS.
    you readers should see the way they RAN it was awesome,
    especially when you seldom see them run. LOL

    and what makes things even worst
    was audrey,,
    she rann like she never ran before with her bags and all.
    i just couldnt stop laughing from the moment maria started shouting.
    i felt like my stomach was aching badly from laughing at them
    and !
    when the moment they reached my car,
    they practically just sat on the FLOOR not on the seats :)
    how cute,, and they were like
    "JAYY! da van warna putih kah ikut blakang??" aha..again! i couldnt stop laughing
    i said "yeah,,ada..dont panic lah u guys"

    end. of that,,

    what happened just a few secs ago was aboy~
    ahaha XD
    i cant stop laughing now!!

    i was chatting with him and asking him if he ever wwatched watever movie,,and he said no..
    so he practically sanggup come to my shop just to get the movie.
    WTF?! hahaaa

    he waiting now,,for the

    "haha XD hilarious moments." was Posted On: 21.7.09 @5:08 PM | 0 lovely comments

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