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    Lady FUCKER~

    this used to be a funhouse.
    BUT now its full of EVILCLOWNS

    yeah. its FULL of lady FUCKERS & EvilCLOWNS .

    anyway. update for yesterday

    i went to UJANA with AudreyAURELIA and ended up hanging out with Avie , Axela , Alexa . ( at first ) thenn after a bloody few minutes. or hours. i couldnt be bothered though. XD i hanged out with Alexa,Axela,One,Ejam. :p and a few mins with Pye,Apik jaj?,Ray. :)) just a few mins 10 mins pun ndak smpai kali~
    hahaha :)

    Fuck that.~ the best part was. :) one.
    i miss him :))

    ..AT NIGHT..

    where was i at lastnite? ouhh BWL.
    oops. i kinda promised SOMEONE that i wount drink,,but hehee. :) im sorry i was forced to. it was not much lah,,few shots only. geheee. then all of a sudden BLACKOUT. like WTF~ xD shitt... i almost choked on my food ~ hahaa!!
    then then then forget that.
    i was home by 11+ and then~ :)
    the lights were on by then. i went to the bathroom to take a bath and thenn! when i was out,, i asked tomato if he was going out tonite,and he kinda like asked me wheter i wanted to follow him,,well..OBVIOUSLY i said yes. :)) so yeahh.. i went to sleep cuz my head felt like CRACKING.shittt..
    so yeah....slept and then!! i didnt wake up till 8am. :) ahhaah!!! XD

    i dint go out. :)
    aahahaha!! XD

    -end of story-

    "Lady FUCKER~" was Posted On: 18.7.09 @9:51 AM | 0 lovely comments

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