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    my niece and nephew :)

    These two little angels are just so adorable.. i love them both. :) they are like totally gorge. Imma upload their pic a.s.a.p :)) hehe the boy is "DANIAL" and the girl is "RANIA" .. adorable gila bha hehee. :)

    -he is my little baby,,:) he soooo cute. but sometimes annoying,,kids well.. :)
    hahaa..^^ he just makes me feel sooo happy at times playing with him . i laugh sooo much with him!! :) hehee. he soo manja!! :D

    -the princess in my heart :) my little cupid~ shes just so adorable,,its a must that i kiss her cheek all the time .. gehee shes still a little tiny one so she dont run much as danial. and shes more (independent) hahaa!! not as manja as her brother. lol

    looking at the kids
    i feel like childhood memories are sinking back in
    even if i didnt have a good childhood.:(
    i did have some great times.
    thanks to mom and dad
    when my step sister attempted to poison me..
    they found me at the right moment..
    thanks mommy,thanks daddy :)
    ILYSM~ ♥

    "my niece and nephew :)" was Posted On: 19.7.09 @5:18 PM | 0 lovely comments

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