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    :)) i guess i love her more. :)

    ♥ Shalyala sanjiv ♥
    this woman here is the most loveliest person i have ever met
    and yeah :)
    we forget the past

    i dont wanna remember the back backs :)
    about the slutty whore of a boyfriend.
    but still :)
    i syg the both of them i mean. LALA and DANN RANDY :)
    lala is my pantat and dann is my whore. hahaha :)

    and yeah :)
    this lady here is from kk ^^
    gosh. dia gorgeous ^^

    hehe. :)


    so yeah ^^ jangan cuba kc sakit hati dia. :)
    u do that ,,im gonna make sure i tear u up like im eating my friend chicken. :)

    ":)) i guess i love her more. :)" was Posted On: 28.8.09 @9:54 AM | 0 lovely comments

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