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    :( goodbye perkasa?



    can you believe it?
    one day you see him,,
    the next you don't.

    What would you feel when one day you were talking to that beloved person
    your bestfriend maybe, family member?
    or even you boyfriend or girlfriend.
    and the next day
    you realize that he or she is gone??
    your gonna realize somehow,,
    they are not coming back..
    not now,not ever.

    its the same thing with this lovable boy,
    the name.
    P E R K A S A

    . god bless his soul .
    -atleast he passed away during bulan ramadhan.


    i never thought that losing a friend forever would be this bad.

    ":( goodbye perkasa?" was Posted On: 12.9.09 @9:20 AM | 0 lovely comments

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