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    <3 inlove.

    AGAIN? ahahah!!
    yeah fucking lame.
    but WTF. who cares.
    this guys makes me drift away. :P


    ♥ Randy Teddy Azzreano Labillya Rentoria Losanez Jr.

    "<3 inlove." was Posted On: 25.12.09 @2:06 AM | 0 lovely comments
    trouble is a friend

    LaBuan F.t NIGHTLIFE?
    A random guy asked me on facebook through my messages and said
    "Hi my name is Mike Titus Lorgaungel and i am from Australia , i would be visiting Malaysia soon with my long-term girlfriend. A friend of mine told me that labuan is an interesting place and the nightlife is FANTABULOUS. is it true? If it is can you tell me the name of the clubs there which is great to go to?"
    so yeah? is it true??
    THIS is from my point of view.
    this is for MIKE.
    Hei mikey. :P
    great clubs?
    im not a big fan of clubbing but a few of my friends enjoy the unhealthy nightlife here :P sorry to say,,ppl dont do much clubbing here.usually the teens and single ? affairing ppl. i feel so bad saying that.'s the list of clubs which i find it safe for foreigners to go.
    especially if you are with your lover or family.
    1. Blue Wave Lounge .
    2. Cheers Pub
    3. MR2
    4. Ginza
    5. River Blue

    thats about it.

    theres More Clubs here. but no point ~ :D

    club that plays the latest and hottest music is

    i personally vote for BLUE WAVE LOUNGE .


    more info? haha

    "trouble is a friend" was Posted On: 16.12.09 @7:10 PM | 0 lovely comments
    i love LALA! :P ahhahaa

    shalyala sanjiv.

    a friend that is soooo damn sweet!
    she made me cry :)




    i really wana meet her and hang out :P

    lala lala lala ♥ chad land? :P

    LALAland. :P

    "i love LALA! :P ahhahaa" was Posted On: 11.12.09 @9:42 AM | 0 lovely comments
    :( heartbreak

    sumone smsed him and sed
    "she likes to go out at night
    dance with guys
    dia peminum
    dia sigup tu."

    sial lah that org.
    and he can say that he wants the relationship to be private
    bah its okay. :(

    private lah
    i hope ppl angap us BREAK.

    ":( heartbreak" was Posted On: 9.12.09 @10:55 AM | 0 lovely comments
    don't wanna say goodbye

    ♥NEVER want to say goodbye. .

    ♥ y do i have continuous headache?
    ♥ sakit eh.
    ♥ do you knw how PAINFUL it is?


    "don't wanna say goodbye" was Posted On: 5.12.09 @5:39 PM | 0 lovely comments
    for HAIDIR muin.

    but if he does.

    this is for you dear.

    i have no idea why i love you. Loving you HURTS alot but i keep up . cause i DON'T want to lose you.


    "for HAIDIR muin." was Posted @3:46 PM | 0 lovely comments
    what to do after SPM?

    i think this is what i wanna do :P

    party like a rockstar.

    Fly to ITALY.

    Shopping ~ ahha & FINALLY

    attend dance shows? oh and this. ahhaa

    ♥i want you love love love love!!♥


    "what to do after SPM?" was Posted On: 3.12.09 @11:42 AM | 0 lovely comments
    1 dec 2009

    L O V E

    I S

    S W E E T


    I L O V E H I M

    ~ Haidir muin ~


    "1 dec 2009" was Posted @9:34 AM | 0 lovely comments

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