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    the loves .

    thanks for being there for me

    even though Beatrice and me havent met .
    she stood by my side when i was down
    she made me smile by simple well said words.
    i love you beath ♥

    ♥ Anna and Niky

    the both of them are the cheese to my pasta . :P
    ilovethem sooo much.
    when im sad . they make me smile
    i wud give my life to be with them till the end of my days .

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    i dont give a damn

    i dont give a damn
    no .
    i dont give a fuck ! :)


    yeah ..
    well heres the thing .

    When people start talking crap and bull about you
    and it pisses you off
    cause you know its not true ..

    one advice.
    dont give a fuck about it .


    it hurts when u think so much about it.
    so don't think about it.

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    inlove with PEPPERMINT .

    peppermint .

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    L O V E

    you know when the world turns grey
    and everyone starts hating each other?

    remember the day when
    you turned your back on
    the one you loved?

    remember the day your lover said
    "i dont need you anymore"
    when they broke down and said
    "i love you so much you mean the world to me"

    and all you do is let them down
    you neglect them..

    you turn your back on them when the whole world turned them down.
    thats what i did.

    WE need the LOVE .
    without love. what are we? :)

    think about it.

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    happy birthday :)

    im sorry i just kinda like snacked this picture out of your facebook.
    but this is my FAVOURITE picture :)
    it looks just fcukin damn pretty :))

    happy birthday hunny.
    hope you have a great one.

    January 12 2009.

    ":) HAPPY BIRTHDAYY :)" was Posted On: 12.1.10 @5:38 PM | 0 lovely comments
    i am soooo fcuking bored. :)


    haha .

    i think imma continue with pic edittingx :)

    tata for now. :) xoxo

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    K F C .

    K F C .stands for?



    i bru kena blanja twice today. :P

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    K F C .

    K F C .stands for?



    i bru kena blanja twice today. :P

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    im missing so many ppl at the moment. its unbearable. :D

    i wanna be in love . :)
    the thing that you can really call love.
    this is love for me.

    when you see him or her your heart ACTUALLY skips a beat.
    You can never forget the way or the things that made you fall in love with them.
    You smile when someone says his name
    They can really make you smile
    You feel the pain when they are far away from you.
    Shedding tears for them is not a sin.

    LOVE means PAIN .
    Pain has its limits.
    no pain , no gain.
    no gain,, no love. :)

    "im missing so many ppl at the moment. its unbearable. :D" was Posted @9:00 PM | 0 lovely comments
    today <3

    today ♥


    i had a great day today . but something is missing . :[

    what i did today?

    • spent the fcuking whole day at home .
    • sent my sister and her boyfriend to the airport . :'(
    • mom sent me to work.
    • met Anna ♥ . Jaster ♥ , sau chun ♥ and Anna's lil sis. she is soooo cute :D
    • terjumpa with AMIRA DOLLY :D & hug hug hug . :D
    • tjumpa NURUL . AND HUG3 HER. :p
    • HANG ABOUT About a few places . then went to work and currently stuck at work. damnn
    i'm fcuking bored sudah.
    dont even knoow what to do.
    while im typing this
    my boss' punya friend is telling me he's sad story.

    he loves he's girlfriend so much and his girlfriend kinda like used him i guess.
    he actually carried like fish stuff ..seafood lah in hig bags to bring to k.l for her. and he took care of her while he was in kl.cuz she was sick and. :( when he suddenly got sick and fainted in his hotel room . SHE DIDNT KNOW . when she called him,,and asked him where he was. he sed he was at the hospital and she just said "OH" wtf? which type of gf just says oH when her BF just fainted?and was sent to the hospital? and he came all the way from labuan to KL and that is what he get. like oh gosh.LABUAN --- KUALA LUMPUR . that is kinda far. O___O bored. :D


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