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    lost . iwishyouknew

    How much i love you , but i dont think you would even care , i guess i showed that i love you .. and you just wouldnt care. But instead , you told me that you have loved someone for 5years and she did not give you an answer ..well good luck , i wish you all the best eventhough my heart hurts soo bad in letting you go, i love you so im letting you go. but you will still be the same guy that i love so much . i would give the world to have you , do you know that when you are by my side. my heart actually skipped a beat ? Do you know that when my heart skips a beat that means i love you . and i love you alot .. Do you know the night you told me that you were drunk , i was worried shit . I almost cried when you asked me if i hated you . i dont hate you .. i love you . I LOVE YOU ! i wanna shout this out infront of you . :( you really dont know how to love someone right ?

    "lost . iwishyouknew" was Posted On: 13.3.10 @6:16 PM | 0 lovely comments

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