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    today today todayy

    Today what we did in kitchen class was like fun and time rushing . :D
    we were divided into 5 group since there is only 10 of us .

    group 1 did chicken burger ,
    group 2 did beef burger,
    group 3 did chicken ( thats us !)
    group 4 spagetthi with neopolitan sauce
    group 5 did roasted duck .

    hahaha ,XD its all fun fun fun

    me and pei zhen did chicken chop
    1. with bread crumbs
    2. grilled chicken .
    hehehe :D will continue later .

    going out soon , going out for movie with my dear later night .

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    you know what ?:(

    my boyfie msged me and said that he was down at the lounge , so i went down with my babe shawna and my hunney Yvonne . Then someone told me like this "Jayy , just now i ask pierrie why he can cple with you" and she said pierrie said like this "kick lai liaw" :( so i was pissed of with pierrie , i taught that he just couple with me because of him being "kick" :( then i was sooooo "urhgh!" no words can explain what i felt just now .. Then my babe cannot tahan so she asked pierrie to go out and she wanted to scold him , then he explained that he didnt actually say that , it was "HER" who said it . :'( i felt so bad not trusting him , :'( but then ~ hehe , he pujuk me ni . so cute... "DEAR BHAA...." ahhahahahah , XD soo cutee.. I LOVEEEEEEEE YOUUU PIERRIEEE

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    My boyfie !! eeehehe , he so cute . i move cuz i malu , peipei keep taking candid pic. hahaha ,XD i love this pic though . love ma babyy !

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    mom , i miss you :(

    Dear mommy ,
    you always have the most wonderful smile and i love it
    no matter what , you will always be my momma :(
    imissyou . :'(

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    This is on his bday ,
    this is SOO like the only picture i have with him
    later lah , photoshooting with him.HAHAHA

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    Pierrie Lim Vui Hau

    Pierrie lim ♥
    wo ai ni . to the end , :)
    im not gonna let anyone come between us , hope you do the same yaa ~

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    New friend :DD

    say hello to Jason Yong .
    ahahah ! XD
    i just know this bitch like one week ago . and he sooooo DUCKY .
    feel like biting his head off -.-
    i call him ducky , he call me froggy
    mai lin ohh !! -.-

    ahahah . XD
    he pro play LEFT4DEAD
    but whatever shit !
    i play finish first !
    no damn fvck ! i win .XD hahahaha

    BOOMER ♥

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    i wish .

    I wish that angels were always there for yoU . i wish angels were real , i wonder how it would feel like to have an angel next to you . :\ Is it calm ? is it scary ?xD

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    Bday boy finale . wakaka

    Da zhu and his friends
    from left to right : Vincent , maverick , edwin , ibrahim , bdayboy , bryan .

    Yesterday was Pierrie Lim's bday and he celebrated at Blue 7 , and many funny things happened. Like for one , when me and him reached Blue 7 ,all his friends looked at me and thought that i was pierrie's girlfriend . But i think that was why i was really2 safe last night . Because Pierrie is their "Da Ge" and they aint gonna touch "Da Ge"'s girl . hahaha . ~ whatever . after Blue 7 , we went to The room , but didnt do anything cuz his friend was late . so we left to send chris , vincent and aluu home .then while he was about to send me home , he received a message from his friend and he was asked to join them at D Junction :3 .That was the 2nd round for us , after D junction we went to the room again , this time tidak kena fang fei zi . XD pierrie got drunk , you know . he is really2 sweet . ~ his friend ask him to one go the beer and he agreed , then his friend said this "KALAU LAKI SUDAH ONE GO ! BINI PUN MESTI ONE GO!!!" hahahaa , i was like O_O ohshiitttt.then pierrie whispered and said to me "i help u drink" :) then i saw his drunk condition and i straight away took the glass and one go . :p i didnt want him to get drunk like fuck right ? so i had to take care of him . he was already tipsy from blue 7 haha , pity him . Here's some pictures :)
    Pierrie lim @ My da zhu

    Lim kee jet @ my college bestie
    The drink we had after vodka . after this bottle was chivas and two tower of beer :)
    Can you see the vodka ?XD

    My da zhu was called up on stage cuz its his bdayy

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    There's this girl

    Sometimes when people don't want you to be around , don't force us to make you feel even more rejected . when we don't want you , leave . You don't even want to talk to us , so what is the point of you tagging along with us ? THINK GIRL THINK. We don't hate you but we just dont "click" with you and your ah lien style .

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    uniformm ~ hahaha

    we got our uniform today . and its its . HUGE . hahahaa , heres some pictures of me and my hunny bestiee yvonne wearing it :DD .

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    i i i loveee jude law ♥

    I LOVEEEE JUDELAW . .! hwahahah xD

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    Chicken chop :D

    The chicken chop i made today . :D
    turned out delicious ♥
    i like .

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    so many crap in my brains

    It's always about him and him and him . XD just him , i've moved on from my ex . and this one is causing problems , :\ i cannot stand all the pain , but again ..what is love without pain ? :( last night my ex wanted me back "previousprevious" ex. and i told 'him' about this and i said something wrong . and he took it seriously and he said this "bottom line , don't fall for me , cause boys suxx" . That broke my heart cuz i was already falling , every minute . Every moment spent with you is a moment i treasure .. and i fall more and more with looking at you... arghhh ~ :'(

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