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    you know what ?:(

    my boyfie msged me and said that he was down at the lounge , so i went down with my babe shawna and my hunney Yvonne . Then someone told me like this "Jayy , just now i ask pierrie why he can cple with you" and she said pierrie said like this "kick lai liaw" :( so i was pissed of with pierrie , i taught that he just couple with me because of him being "kick" :( then i was sooooo "urhgh!" no words can explain what i felt just now .. Then my babe cannot tahan so she asked pierrie to go out and she wanted to scold him , then he explained that he didnt actually say that , it was "HER" who said it . :'( i felt so bad not trusting him , :'( but then ~ hehe , he pujuk me ni . so cute... "DEAR BHAA...." ahhahahahah , XD soo cutee.. I LOVEEEEEEEE YOUUU PIERRIEEE

    "you know what ?:(" was Posted On: 29.9.10 @1:00 PM | 0 lovely comments

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