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    Pure relaxation .

    :) ♥ the feeling of love .
    :) it make's someone feel relaxed
    :) it make's someone feel happy
    :) and sometimes causing pain
    :) but what matters the most is
    :) i'm truly happy when with you,
    :) L O V E ;

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    support local talent .

    Hey everyone , :D remember yayan ? :D well okay , now he has an official fan page in facebook , :D here's the link .

    do click LIKE , let's support him :D

    link below [clickable::]
    Yayan's FanPage

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    lenses lenses. :D


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    When i said theory of food is hell , imma take that back . Kitchen management is the real hell ! I studied hard for his paper , i crammed my head . Didn't sleep much and guess what ? I studied and none of what i studied came out at all ! Same goes to my other friends , basically my whole Kitchen Management classmates were shocked too . :| All my other friends had the guts to say to our lecturer "SIR , SEE YOU NEXT SEM" all i manage to splurt out is "i hope you're not my lecturer next sem" -.-''

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    :) done with my English exams , and tomorrow is THEORY OF FOOD ! yey . my worst subject for this semester . Theory of food is really a bitch , like what the hell ! I almost got confused with Micronutrient and macronutrient , i had to like Rewrite it again and again ! Finally ! i got it memorized . So here ! Micronutrients consist of vitamins and minerals .It doesn't provide energy , but Macronutrients depends on micronutrient to release energy from the food. Vitamins are organic substances that activates the enzymes that acts as a catalyst for biological needs in the body . Minerals however are Inorganic substances that consist of Potassium , magnesium . Minerals can be obtained by eating vegetables . Macronutrients consist of Carbohydrates , fats and protein . The carbohydrates and fats provides energy when broken down . The protein provides building blocks necessary for cell growth and repair . :D yey yey yey ! XD

    right , so imma just go continue studying . i badly wanna pee . -.-

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    are you ready to rumble ?!

    haha , :D my gash ! :D im nervous !!!!! are you ready to rumble with your exam papers ? I am , a bit , atleast :p english i guess , kitchen management abit , fnb abit . THEORY OF FOOD ! YOU'RE A EFFIN BITCH ! :| i hate youuuuu ~ :| i have to go revise now , and go to bed , byebye

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    are you ready to rumble ?!

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    humpty dumpty had a great fall ! XD

    first of , me and pierrie are okay already ♥
    right after i had to "maki" him real bad . . :D

    right , see that picture above ? CUTE RIGHT ? i want the elmo top and the spongebob cap , it's so cute ! :'( i want the DOMO top tooo !! awww , i want it all ! so so cute , XD haha,

    haish , im getting really hungry.

    Okay , next story ,
    actually im feeling lazy today , i don't really feel like blogging
    but the picture is sooo tempting . haha

    after class , we sat at the front office and chitchat , and
    this dude , he was upstairs
    and he called out to me and yvonne ,
    he was just joking ,
    but his jokes are really-really..
    bikin panas !

    he called out "hey bitch ! bitch ! how much ? rm1 ?"
    i was like ..whatthefuckk ????
    and yvonne went like "sut bha jayy , mari!"
    i really felt like going up there
    but i controlled my self .

    okay thats it. i give up XD

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    TODAYS JOB ! -.-

    haha , since today was the official last day of class . I wasted my whole day on doing useful things ! :DD awesome ! *kaka jan , u have to be proud of me today !! HAHAHA ! XD i practically studied for 2 hours , i just finished like half paper of questions . And after writing my answers down , i covered my answers and reread the question and answered without looking at the book and my answers . Guess what? I got it :D ha ha , oh yeah . forgot to mention , i studied Kitchen Management just now , after studying i got my ass up and cleaned the whole dorm (almost) i swept the living room and my room and i folded my clothes properly and then i arranged my room , and well . :D now im sitting my ass here infront of mylaptop . feeling slightly sleepy and hungry . XD haish , i spent 45 minutes looking for my theory of food book that i bought last sem and i couldnt find it . i wonder where it went :'( i can't even find my photocopied simplified verson of it . Great , that means i have to study virtually . -.- i only have T.O.F notes in my laptop . :| Haish ,. kaka jan ! send me chocolates from labuan ehh !! :( and vodka cruiser raspberry . HAHAHAHA ! ♥ pretty please with sugar on top . bha eh , i have to go and sleep . Feel like im seeing double of my laptop screen . ! oh damn , suddenly i remember i have laundry to do -.- . I guess imma just go do my laundry now and then take a shower and go to bed . Wake up in time for dinner and then continue to study . ♥

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    i have not updated this for quite long ! O_O wait ! be right back *toilet break . Okay , im back , so anyway :DD these few days punya activity is kinda fun + boring juga la . XD okay , lets start from Wednesday :D

    Wednesday was my Practical exam for cooking , ouh i tell you ! when i finish my diploma and i start working in a hotel , I DO NOT WANT TO GO FOR KITCHEN ! xD it's actually interesting , and fun . but oh my ! the stress you get from your chef de partie is incredibly unexplainable. haha , i mean it . :DD so okay , my menu for that day was Mushroom soup , Grilled lamb loin with fresh crusted black pepper sauce and lyonnaise potato and desert was bread and butter pudding with vanilla sauce and ice cream . Well , everything turned out well "almost". The beginning of the exam , i was dumbfounded , i was nervous and i almost didnt know what to do , i did my mis en place and i slowly cut the garlics and onions and mushrooms and i was thinking of what to do next . Really , i was lost . everything i knew vanished into thin air . :p then chef left my side and i turned and sighed out loud and my babe Carissa looked at me , with the panic face and said "BOIL YOUR POTATO NOW ! AND MARINATE YOUR LAMB!!!" i was like "ouh , yeah ..right ..thanks hunny" XD so i did what was told and slowly .. everything came back . i did the pudding and put it into the oven and cooked . xD well , luck was so not on my side . When i was back to my usual happy self in the kitchen , i was making my vanilla sauce , the taste was AWESOME , but guess what happened ? when i wanted to move my pan , the handle turned . it spinned 360 degrees and BYEBYE vanilla sauce . :| i had to redo it , great . bitch pan . :| then , okay the food went out to the cafe sudah and my waiter "anderson" came in and said "just now bryan asked who was the chef , and i said you" and i was like "shit , ada complain kah ni ?" haha , rupanya my grilled lamb loin is sedap :DD wakaka ! yey ~ XD well , first i didn't believe him , i thought maybe because i am his friend , so he gave me full marks . Well , i guess my lamb was really delicious , cause his friend was not my friend :p and i got full marks too :p Oh , i forgot to mention that we had to cook 5 portions . Thats alot right ? :p hehe , the other two who ate my food was my pierrie and benny :) Pierrie and Benny really loved the lamb , awesome eyh ? XD basically the food i made was awesome :p Oh god , talking bout food , im freeging hungry already. :( 1 more hour to go then i can go eat . Chris is cooking , :p oH ! and my lcturer told me that among all of us in the kitchen , i got the highest mark :DD awwwwww...

    alright , next story . this is THURSDAY's story .
    Thursday was my practical exam for Service management , awwww my gash ! :| that equals to hell to my feet and my stomach . HAHA ,xD you know how our uniforms are , with the vest which is body fitting *kluar my cacatness straight away. XD then i wore high heels lagi . adehh . hell i tell you , tpi it was fun , cuz we all are used to service kan :DD full marks again :DD oh this is fun :p

    and thenn , friday night :DD we went out watch movie , we watched "DEATHPLACE" alamak , amazing , after movie , we went makan , then i reached hostel at 2 =.= makan , talk talk talk tidak sedar masa , upperstar mo tutup sudah baru jalan ah . budu . XD then just now i kena call by mr fazly , kena suruh pg OAR , ada maw ckp pasal dicipline . sorry lah boss . sa telampau nervous , sa xda pg XD sa takut ni gila ! nah takaluar bahasa melayu ! XD kaka jandee ! seriously , lau smpai warning letter , jgn marah saa ah . sorry bnyk2 ! XD iloveyouu ! ahahha XD

    now , im waiting for pierrie to come and we going to makan downstairs at paradise cafe . :| lapar !

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    hello backdated me .:p

    i am inlove with the vintage-ness of photography ? WAKAKA . my ayat tungang terbalik.
    well , i tried editing a picture , trying to make it look vintage . And i asked my sisters for opinion , well here are the pictures , and one of it is the one my sister did. :DD

    the first one is my first attempt ,
    the second is my second attempt , and the last one .
    the third one is my sister's ♥ i love the 3rd one :DD

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    Stress-ness .

    So okay , the thangs that happened today . :| We did normal lessons lah kan in kitchen . So , divided into groups again , but two people went SOLO . kuat sudah kan , solo lah . HAHAHAH xD

    our menu today was for the exams , the 6main course

    - Grilled Lamb Loin with fresh crusted black pepper sause & lyonnaise potato
    - Deluxe home made beef burger with cheese , Coleslaw and french fries
    - Golden Fried Breaded Fish Fillet Coleslaw and french fries
    - Supreme of Chicken Chop with Fried Mushroom sauce coleslaw and French fries.
    - Grilled sirloin with home made BBQ sauce , coleslaw and french fries.
    - Spaghetti with chicken in fresh tomato basil sauce .

    and we have to memorize all these ingredients and also the soups ingredients.
    magowsh . i dont remember ! :(( - will be back

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