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    my timetable changed AGAIN ~ O_O but it's still tiring . most of my classes are afternoon classes . :\ and i'm still sick . very sick ~ my cough doesn't seem like it wants to leave me . It's stuck with me for 1 week already :'( oh please go away .. There's so much thing to do now , a lot of books to photostat , i need curtains made .. ~ my apartment has no curtains -.- i sooo do not know how to do this , i need my sister . :'( awww damn , padlocks needs to be bought and that agent hasn't even given me the lease =.= wth .. i call her pun she doesn't answer .apakann... anywayy . ~ this few days has been very tiring since i'm sick and i have my girls problem ;p and now i'm dealing with a minor headache . :| and i'm hungry . ~ waiting for lulu to finish cooking , :DD im left with 40 bucks now because we went shopping for food and stuff , i just noticed groceries are suprisingly expensive O_O well anyways , junk food is expensive , our icebox is filled with nuggets , chicken , sausage , coke , milk , sprite , all those junk , oooh and bread . O_O

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    my sleeping beauty

    With my previous ex's i never had this feeling
    He's so sweet , he would hug me to sleep and i always wake up and watch him sleep . He makes that screeching sound with the teeth . It's so annoying , i feel like slapping him =.= He love's sleeping in the afternoon , this was taken on a Sunday , we went for lunch and he was like "i'm sleepy , i want to sleep !" so we went to his house and he turned the airconditioner on and the moment he was on his bed he slept , before he even hit the pillow ! ngahahaha ! awww ,When he woke up , he looked at me straight in the eye and said "i love you my wife" . and i was like "ouuuhh , soooo sweettt ! " and he would hug me and go back to sleep ! i tell you ! he can stay awake and don't sleep for DAYS , and he can sleep and don't wake up for one whole day . O_o well , i sat infront of the computer for 6 freaking hours and he's not awake =.= he woke up at 8pm, and brought me out for dinner then send me home . see ! you see the pig in him ? i do XD hahah ~

    oooh oooh ! there was this one day , he called me on the phone and said , darl , 14 more days! and i was like "oh good , chinese new year ?" and he said "uhh , noo.think properly" i said "uhh , no idea? couldn't be his birthday or mine , cuz our birthdate is sooo far and a long way to go.. then he said "14 more days and its already 4monts idiot!" hahahaha ~ i couldn't stop laughing . ~he's just so cute sometimes , haishh

    Pierrie Lim Vui Hau

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    Last night , we went out for dinner because it was joanna's birthday . We all sorta SORTA had fun . Not for me really , eventhough it was my best friend's birthday . We sat for hours and hours , not talking . but looking at each other . weird , i know :) and all of a sudden , pierrie's friends started popping out from different edges of the world . haha ~ then i said to him "go if you want to" , he quickly finished his drink and left . i was like "ahh yeah , leave without a word , let a girl touch you like she's in love with you" GREAT AWESOME FCUKTABULOUS JOB. So , i was pissed , mega pissed . ~ so , like usual . i cannot say anything at him , if i do he would get so angry and leave me standing alone . ~ so i might as well just walk off and come back with a smile . Little did i know , he came back to the table and was looking at me . He asked my housemate where i was , and my housemate pointed at my cellphone which battery is not in the phone , he looked at it with a sad face and said "i was just with my friends.." i'm being selfish , i know .. but sometimes i can't stand it .. my housemate asked me to calm down later on at home . She told me that pierrie was a really good guy because of all the guys she knew that went out with me could not stand my attitude . But he could , he could be worst than me . Nevertheless , he's a really sweet , fun , adorable , shy guy . He can make me laugh in a matter of time . Oh guess what ? he's my superman . ~ :) he can even make me cry easily . :'( the things he say , it hurts . But i end up forgiving him in a few seconds because my heart wants to . Even yesterday after that awful fight , i still held his hands and pretended as if nothing happened . Eventhough my eyes were holding back tears , i couldn't show him that i'm crying over something stupid . I couldn't act childish , grow up jayy..grow up ~

    Finally , just now i was going through some pictures of us .. just to refresh those memories . I found some pictures that i really love, and i combined them together .. all the memories , all the different memories in one combination . I love you baby ♥ 14 more days to our 4th monthsary. hmmm ~ He also told me something really sweet just now , he said he wanted to marry me .. ~then i asked him , do you really want to marry me ? he said "offcourse !!! why pula don wan ?" then i asked again "why ?" then he replied "because i really love you.." ~ awwww :( i miss him already ~ D: Oh pierrie , do take care out there ... ~ :\

    Celine dion - because you live .

    for all the times you stood by me
    for all the truth that you made me see
    for all the joy you brought to my life
    for all the wrong you made right
    for every dream you made come true
    for all the love i found in you

    i be forever thankful baby
    your the one who held me up
    never let me fall
    your the one who saw me thru
    thru it all

    you were my strenght when i was weak
    you were my voice when i couldn't speak
    you were my eyes when i couldn't see
    you saw the best there was in me

    lifted me up when i couldnt reach
    you gave me thank cuz u beleive
    im everything i am
    because you love me

    you gave me wings and made me fly
    you touched my hands i could touch the sky
    i lost my faith you gave it back to me
    you said my star was out of reach
    you stood by me and i stood tall
    i had your love i had it all
    im grateful for each thing you gave me

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    People always have some things that they don't like about each other . When they don't like one person , they tend to talk bad . That's normal . Are you saying no ? :) you happen to see a girl or a guy you really don't like , what's your reaction ? i bet if you are alone you would say "that stupid sucka again , fucktard . why can't you just get lost and fuck off =.=" i knoww ~ did you just say no ? hahaha ~ well if you did, then you're mind is sorta like blocking your inner side . Don't do that , just release it . I know for sure , when i see someone i don't like , my mind would go haywire and all the bad things , ill thoughts would start ramming my system and my body feels like it needs to , it wants to just hurt that person . crumble them in my hands and make sure they turn to dust . :) evil eh ~ But wake up from that hell . Open your eyes and realize , if you do that , what benefit would it bring to you ? would you be happier ? i won't . i would feel guilty , i just hurt someones child . Don't you feel guilty when you accidentally hurt a little kid . Let's not go far , don't you feel pity when a you see a little kid sobbing because he/she lost his toy ? dropped his icecream ? :( i do , i feel like grabbing the kid and hugging them in my arms and just get them another icecream or a toy . same thing with my enemies , what would they feel when they are down on the ground and you are kicking their asses . My point here is , why should people be fighting for little things. You want a fight , then stand up and fight for humanity rights .

    Another thing i really don't like is the FACEBOOK PSYCHOISM . i have a reason to create this name because i don't see the point of posting ill stuff or personal life matters there. What do you people want ? PUBLICITY ? POPULARITY ? what is facebook really for ? FACEBOOK IS AN INTERNET APPLICATION THAT ALLOWS YOU TO CONNECT WITH YOUR FRIENDS . Not a place to pour out your ill thoughts about people and hurting other peoples feelings . Im not saying that you cannot post what you think , you can . But do not post ill stuff and also "maki-maki" stuff , sometimes it's okay because you don't have people to talk to . you tend to pour out feelings with words right ? :) This is a warning to a so called friend , im not saying that its wrong for you to say what you want to say to my friend . But he has a point , he has every right to tell your "adik angkat" that going out with a 20+ year old guy is disgusting when you are 15 years old . its fuckin disgusting , have you heard of PEDOFILE ? don't suck up to me and say "does age really matter ? i love him" i don't want to hear that excuse . Because i was told , guys above 20 don't just want to hold your hand , kiss you by the stairs , hug you under the stars , sit by your side for hours watching the moonlight . WAKE UP GIRLS , THIS IS NOT A FAIRY TALE , TAYLOR SWIFT LIVES IN HER OWN WORLD . When you realize how the real world is , or when you know what a guy above 20 wants then you will know what i mean . Observe and understand , each guy has a different character , each guy has different wants . SOME guys are perverts , while some take time to be a pervert . and some , are just plain romantic but is still a pervert :) as my boyfriend would say "which guy is not gatal ?" xD

    Despite all the complains in the world , my biggest complain is why suck up on love ? what is up with the monotuous melancholic words ? HA HA HA , its okay to be lovey dovey sometimes , but not all the time . Don't make up cheesy love letters or cheesy words . Its just so ... overboard ! hahaha ~ anyway . :) you guys want to know what love is from my point of view ? love from my point of view is when you love someone , you would be thinking of him or her when you read this . That is to know who you love , and when you love someone , you would not want to lie to him or her . You would not make the stupidest excuse . You would be patient with your partner and you would have the guts to bring him or her home to see the family :) meet the parents ! xD and sometimes , from my 3months experience.. You would feel like a part of you is missing when he or she is not around for you . Sometimes , love comes from hate . The more you feel pain with that person , the more you would love him or her . Through the fights that me and pierrie had gone through . I noticed that it was a fight worth fighting for . It was the heart that wanted to fight , it was the hand that wanted to hold , it was the eyes that wanted to see what can be done . Solve the problems , running away makes it worst . Keeping quite hurts the heart , letting it all out calms the mind and the heart :) think wisely of words you speak , listen properly to things they say .... and the most important thing is , trust your heart .

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    lovin eu :)

    sometimes you never notice how much you love someone , until they show it to you :) through your family ♥

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    "Read each sentence:This is this cat. This is is cat.This is how cat. This is to cat. This is keep cat. This is a cat. This is retard cat. This is busy cat. This is for cat. This is 40 cat. This is seconds cat. Now read every third word in each sentence :)"


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    what are you doing there?

    Sometimes it is scary to dream . When you fall into a deep sleep , sometimes in your can't tell between life and reality . it can make you feel suffocated at times . Imagine if dreams were to come true . I dreamed of death , i saw the grim reaper ,. in it's dark heavy black robe . Holding a Scythe and it was holding something smaller in hand ,. it looked like an hour glass .. it kept clicking it's finger on the hour glass . As if waiting for something, i stared at it...i stared and stared , and finally it raised it's head and i suppose , it looked at me . Cause i felt a sudden chill at the back of my spine and i woke up sweating .. I was scared , :( I sat on my bed and i looked around my messy room and i realize that i was now in reality . I was safe , but things can be really persuading when you are effected by it . I think it's because a few days ago , two friends had passed away because of a life taking accident . Brothers in fact , blood brothers.. their life was taken away on a new year's day and it affected almost everyone . Not only we have known those people , it was also the far worst accident in Labuan . It all involved kids , underage kids , Jackson himself was only 14 ~ so young and innocent and yet had to end his life... Careful to kids out there , you don't know when life is going to end . You don't know what lies in the future , nobody knows what is going to happen to them . So do i , i don't know whats going to happen in the future . Only god knows , from what i have learned from religious studies . Do not turn your back on god , for he will make you realize one day that you needed him all the time . Even though we have left god , he had never left us . Never at all .

    ♥ Jayy.

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    update on YAYAN !

    Yayan had just had his EP released . :D here's the link . You can download your favourite tracks there too :)

    screen shot of his website :D

    support local act : ♥

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