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    inspiration for the shooting star .

    ta shuo by jj lin

    ta jing qiao qiao di lai guo
    ta man man dai zou chen mo
    zhi shi zui hou de cheng nuo
    hai shi mei you dai zou le ji mo

    wo men ai de mei you cuo
    zhi shi mei li de du xiu tai zhe mo
    ta shuo wu suo wei
    zhi yao neng zai ye li fan lai fu qu de shi hou you ji tuo

    deng bu dao tian hei yan huo bu hui tai wan mei
    hui yi shao cheng hui hai shi deng bu dao jie wei
    ta ceng shuo de wu suo wei wo pa yi tian yi tian bei cui hui

    deng bu dao tian hei bu gan diao xie de hua lei
    lu ye zai gen sui fang kai ci tong de zi wei
    jin hou bu zai pa tian ming wo xiang zhi shi hai pa qing xing

    "inspiration for the shooting star ." was Posted On: 18.3.11 @6:44 PM | 0 lovely comments

    A sunday morning and i'm really bored . I'm currently at pierrie's house after lunch with the parents. lunch or breakfast xDD ehehe . anyway , the little pierrie went back to sleep ==" pig ! xD so since i'm bored and just gonna wait for him to wake up , i might as well as write a short story . i sorta like dreamt of this story , where i was watching the whole thing happen , and i actually woke up in tears . AMAZING RIGHT ? it took me days to actually find a perfect name for it , and i found it ! :D it isn't that perfect at all .. but atleast it goes with the story i'm going to tell.. it's called

    Shooting Star and me .

    It was a very bright morning , Angel woke up very early because of the sun that shone on her face . She stayed laying on her bed and looked at the ceiling . She grabbed her cellphone and saw that there was a message , and it was from Darren . Darren had been her crush for 2 years already , but she never had the guts to tell him that she liked him . Rumors had her going crazy , they said that Darren had a crush on Angel too , but she wouldn't believe it though . She pouted and regretted a little bit . She opened the message and immediately smiled . Darren said Wake up sleepy head , you have a date with me for lunch ! :) . She looked at the time , it was only 7.00am . She then smiled and said to herself "i'm just gonna doze off for a while.."

    "ANGEL ! WAKE UP ! YOUR FRIEND DARREN IS HERE !" She suddenly woke up from he "short" sleep , she looked at her watch , it was 10.45am ! SHE WAS LATE ! and suddenly it occured to her , her mom just shouted at her and said that Darren was here . OH MY GOD ! she quickly rushed and ran to her bathroom , she had an amazingly short shower and brushed her teeth while trying to figure out what to wear . She finally found the right clothes , but before putting them on , she quickly messaged Darren , she said "Darren , i'll be down in 10minutes, i'm sorry you had to wait , i overslept , xoxo". The moment she clicked the send button , she threw her cell on her bed and she quickly put on a short gray sundress , and a dark gray cardigan to match with , and she grabbed her pink ballerina Christian Loubotin wedges and then combed through her long dark brown hair and sprayed her famous Calvin U perfume , grabbed her cell and her purse and threw it all into her bag and ran down the stairs to meet her "DARREN" .

    The moment she reached the bottom of the stairs , she saw that tall tan skinned , soft dark hair , sweet smile with the dimple boy . Her heart started to beat so fast that she thought it was going to pop out anytime soon . She greeted her parents good morning , and kissed her little brother byebye and promised him that she would buy him candies later . Before she walked out the door , both her parents said at the same time "Angel , come over here for a while. " she went over to them and the both of them gave her RM50 each . She said "thanks mom , dad . See you in the evening ." and she walked out with Darren .

    The moment they sat in Darren's BMWi135 , he asked her "So Angel , you look very beautiful today , what would you like to eat ?" Angel replied "Don't kid me Darren , you brought me out for lunch , so you pick the place , why should i ?" Darren laughed and said "fine , since you look very happy today , how about i bring you to this restaurant that you can see the whole town ?" Angel nodded and smiled "sure darren , you're paying!" and laughed . Darren smiled and looked at Angel straight in the eyes and said "Ofcourse young lady" . Angel thought to herself "OHGOSHH ! i have been going places with this guy , and he haven't been acting this way , why is he soooo romantic today ? HIS EYES !! OHHHHH DAMNN ! HIS EYES!" and her heart started giving this weird reactions , like it was going to burst anytime soon . She calmed her self and she didn't even notice that they have reached their destination .

    She walked out of the car and she found Darren looking at her . She smiled and him and joked "Never seen anyone so pretty eh ?" and he laughed and suddenly did the weirdest thing . He held her hand and whispered , "please don't let me go.." Angel was dumbfounded , she looked back at him and she smiled and said "not until you let me go first" . There was a pause and suddenly both of them burst into laughter.


    I couldn't stop looking at her , she's so beautiful with the dark brown hair . Her eyes are just so beautiful... She laugh, it's so sweet . It's like the sound of music to my ears , her touch , it melts my heart . I noticed that i want her so much , She's really and Angel . Angel , i want you to know i love you !! i hope you know that...


    HELLO !! DARREN ! are you there " snaps her fingers infront of his eyes . The waiter is here to take your order Sir . Why are you daydreaming ? and laughs sweetly . I leaned my chin on both my hands and i looked at Darren , i caught him looking at me and smiling sheepishly and daydreaming , i wonder what was he thinking about... While he was daydreaming , i couldn't help but to look at his pinkish lips and then his puppy eyes . They were so catchy . After 15minutes our food arrived , i ordered lamb chop and he ordered grilled chicken and we ate while talking about everything that came into our mind. We then left at 3.30pm . While Darren was driving , i just kept quite and listened to the songs that was played on the radio. The silence was a bit weird ...


    Why is she so quite ? Did i do anything wrong ? she's not always this quite ..Maybe i should say something..Maybe i should tell her i love her ? Should i ? lets give it a try..
    I gathered my breathe and i called out to her . "Angel , are you alright ?" , she looked at me as if she was shocked because of the sudden voice , she nodded and then turned back to look outside as if ignoring me . I then gathered my courage to take her hand in mine and said "angel , i want to tell you something . if you don't like listening to it , then you can just tell me to stop." She turned her head slowly , and her face cheered up and she smiled and asked me what was i going to tell her . I smiled and it all came out.


    It was 10pm and i'm still awake , i stared at the ceiling and i thought about what Darren said to me . I was in love , my brain kept repeating the scene .. The moment Darren told me that all the rumors was true , he had a crush on me , and now he loved me . And he hoped that i felt the same way too . I smiled so wide that i think my teeth could fall out . I messaged Darren and went of to sleep.


    *to be continued

    ":D" was Posted On: 13.3.11 @12:01 PM | 0 lovely comments

    its been so long since i updated this thing , very long ! :( i haven't got a broadband yet , so less online . If i happen to bring my laptop then i online , :| this pun i borrow my friend's laptop .. miss gave a break , after our first test . She's so gaddamn annoying , when i finished my test , she said we could go for a break , the moment i walked out , she said "break ah , not go home" gao lin , so annoying, can you just STFU "said yvonne" xD hahaha , such a brat bha this miss ==" okayy , i have to go , before she says "CLOSE YOUR LAPTOP" .. then i would love to reply "YOU STFU !" XD and oHHH ! we just figured out that she wasnt an english teacher , she was a MATH teacher originally . ==" k i have to go , she looking at me like i just killed her cat.

    ":D" was Posted On: 7.3.11 @10:51 AM | 0 lovely comments

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