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    isnt it funny how this came to be ?

    I was really bored just now , so i decided to disturb my friend , this guy up here is Ahtat chin , he's a funny guy . Sorta like a brother , so i walled him at his facebook and said " Are you Chin Yuan tat ? Your name came out in the newspapers" then he said "offcourse , i know , YB ma" then i said " no ,,.. it said you got raped by a gorilla" xDD then i voluntarily said "i have prove , i give you the post" so i quickly made the picture above and sent it to him . and until now i still haven't stop laughing .xD this is officially making my day xDD hahahaaaa

    "isnt it funny how this came to be ?" was Posted On: 20.4.11 @12:55 AM | 0 lovely comments

    No matter how deep the shit is , i would always want to fight to keep this relationship standing . Can't you see , how much it hurts to just see you walk out ? :|

    "~" was Posted On: 2.4.11 @3:07 PM | 0 lovely comments
    i miss you ,

    every single moment i had with you , it's a gift . Thank you god . ;'(

    "i miss you ," was Posted On: 1.4.11 @7:39 PM | 0 lovely comments

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