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    picture of the car

    the myvi above is Clement's car , And the Black Saga is Braem's . Sorry unclear , cuz The police man blocked the view .

    "picture of the car" was Posted On: 27.5.11 @11:00 AM | 0 lovely comments

    What is your sudden obsession with dogs ? XD

    okok ! this dog here is just so cute , it belongs to my friend Daniel . :) It's so FLUFFYYYY ! im gonna die !!!

    and this lil dog up here is for sale . , my friend is selling it for RM700 ,
    its a pure breed Shih-tzu and already vaccinated , it's not picky :)
    its really friendly , and oh ! there's one food he doesn't eat .
    but i forgot what it is :(

    "Dogs." was Posted On: 4.5.11 @8:03 PM | 0 lovely comments
    BabySitting :]

    I just noticed something , while i was at pier's crib accompanying the little brother of his , i heard dog barking mad , but i don't know what was happening . When i looked out the window , i saw this small dog , and it was tied :( it was tied to a gate dividing the two houses . And i recall seing that dog very cute . Because i remember going up to that owner and said "uncle , your little puppy so cute . Can i play with it ?" And he did not hesitated , he let me play with the dog and then i left . And guess what ? i saw the dog now "FURLESS" and THIN . :'( i pity it , before this dog came , there was another "EXPENSIVE DOG!" it was a poodle ! D: but guess what happen ? IT'S GONE . it's dead i bet ==" i saw it few months ago , it was limping . Now there's a new dog and it's not even one month , and now it's furless and THIN . Next door neighbour also has an issue with dogs . Grrr , one day his dog (so much better than the other neighbour's dog) was excited when he saw a cat run past so he wanted to run out of the gate . The owner quickly pulled the dog's collar and almost choked it to death ! i'm serious !! he tugged like there was no tomorrow and the dog silenced . :( it sat on the ground whining and the damn owner stepped on the dogs paw and hit the head with a sandal . i was soo dumbfounded and i said to myself "i hope one day you will receive the same treatment" . I hate that guy , it's such a pity . Dog's have feelings too . :( atleast this couple feed the dog . and its big and healthy . :( . but i really don't like the first neighbour of pie's . ==" soo irritating . pity the dog !!! I don't know what's going to happen to this dog . Ohhh somebody , please save it ! Oh oH , i forgot to mention , it's not the adults who hurt the lil puppy , it's the kids . But the adults ain't doing anything about it , and that HURTS :'(

    "BabySitting :]" was Posted On: 3.5.11 @7:12 PM | 0 lovely comments
    the dress O_O

    Just a few days ago , i was asked to go to Baby's cousin's 10th birthday . I didn't have anything to wear , so pierrie's sister made me wear her bee dress and this is how i turned out looking like . :D

    can anyone tell me why i look fat ?

    this is pretty auntie ying or Queen ying as she claims , ewww .xD

    Phaedra , why you so tall ? O_O you killing me !

    me & phaedra . she's so pretty and young ! it's not funny !

    anyway ,
    i finished my kitchen management paper ,
    looks easy , answered easily .

    but results ?

    i have no idea . :|

    please pass . :|

    if i don't pass , i'm going to jump off my apartment building and haunt this area . HAHAHAHA

    good idea ? xDD wakkakaa

    need to continue studying housekeeping theory

    "the dress O_O" was Posted @12:13 PM | 0 lovely comments
    Exam's why are you so mean ?

    I had already went through my Practical exams , and i was quite happy with all the outcome . I had most fun in housekeeping practical exam because all i had to do was make the bed , clean the room . then i had to wipe the dining table and i was DONE ! ;D the hardest exam i had was cooking :( here's the historical story :p hahaha , first of all when all of us came , Chef briefed us on what was going to happen and he said "I am going to make all of you suffer" . that made us laugh actually xD then he made us choose our menu by lucky draw . badluck was on my side . i got Rendang and Seafood tomyam . That is the hardest shit to get , i was soooo stressed out that i couldn't remember the recipes at all . i was blanked out ! totally blanked ! then my chef changed my menu , i got a slightly easier one , but i never done it before . He changed my menu to Chicken Gordon Bleu and Tomato basil soup with Apple Crumble desert . Atleast i remember the recipe's . So i made that , and when our guest start coming , i was told by my partner "waiter" that my guest was a Datuk! i was so shocked ! But she loved my food , and i thank my chef ! If it wasn't for him , i don't know what would happen ! :DD Well now i have to get ready for next week ! :D tata then

    "Exam's why are you so mean ?" was Posted On: 1.5.11 @4:42 PM | 0 lovely comments

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