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    want to change college , hate inti , hate people there , make my life hard . im weak , i want cosmopoint , i want broadcasting ! at least when i finish , i can be earn money . unlike hotel management , sama juga , waiter dulu kau . bodoh .. :( stupid ! waste parents money , and end up dont go class because of the people there making me feel like shit , back to highschool ka ni ? anjing la

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    lost..dead..stupid..wasted.. i need my sister :(

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    i hate this semester , ! i hate it so much ! D: am i destroying my life ? i think i am ! i don't feel like studying ! ADA SAJA MASALAH ! for one , transport p college ada , tapi sometimes got problem , mom sends her so she cannot pick me up la ~ ini la itu la , im missing classes ! assignment blum siap ! now im fucking sick ! i got stupid cough and eating medicine is not curing it ! last night don't know what i eat ! now i got fucking ALLERGIC ! my face is fucking swollen ! my body has biji2 , and my body is RED ! and i feel like my ears are HOT ! but when i touch it ! its fucking COLD ! wth !!!!!! CURSE THIS SHIT ! D: im trying to pass here ! and all i get is crap , i remember someone told me that "You attract you're own luck" if you're feeling happy , nothing bad happens . If you're feeling down... u attract bad luck .. :( Pierrie :'( u make my life SUCK ! shit man ! it's been one month that you're gone . I don't want to look back , i want to walk straight but why is it i always turn my head around to see if you're behind me :'( last semester i passed everything because of you , you made me study .. you made me think , you made me want to success.. and i passed SUPRISINGLY ALL ! thanks to you and my sister ..but ? :'(( i hate this i really do .

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