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    sometimes when you're on your own , creepy things creep into your mind . and this creeped into mine . i wish my life was a fairy tale . :)

    imagine that castle you live in , the people around you . ;)

    the sweet delicacy in life .. experience the beauty of being a princess . :p

    -i wish my life was a fairy tale with a happy ending-

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    How i think i look like from the outside

    but i know how i feel like in the inside .

    what is this phase called ? growing up ? or regretting ?


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    how to say no ?

    How the hell do you say NO to your parents , and how the hell you say YES too .? i have a cute parent problem here , and i hate it . i feel like saying bye to life . go die . easier . ==" no need to live . buduh .. i don't know how to say yes , how to say no . one say black , one say white . agony aunts . hahaha ! Here's the stitch .. at dinner my dad say "why don't you go back to school?" and mom say "no , ask her to work for you" ==" i choose number one please .:DD thank you dad , love you so much . right , i have my eye on tourism , i was thinking like you know hostel life.. :) so yeah i get to control my life again like i did before .. when i was in hostel , i never got warning letter . i did like , like once ? and i studied . and i had OKAY grades . but never gonna happen right ? :p bitch . i regret meeting Pierrie . :) He was the reason , wait . i was the reason , i made him the reason . i was too weak to stand , i was playing the victim , i was bitching my own life , i RUINED MY FUCKING LIFE . and to make it better , when you want to fix it , someone has to say "NO , FUCK YOU , " HAHAHA ~ not literally that though .. but somehow . yes , thats what i mean
    and then TOMORROW , im going to moms village .. and for what ? TO MOVE THINGS . like what the hell , 29DECEMBER2011 .. and you're bringing me to kampung? to move things ? can't find a better date to do that ? IM TIRED , and sick of this . and i don't like to go to kampung , especially to move things . like hello ! haish , i said to my mom properly " i don't wanna go" and kena marah pula .. semua la ! everything that starts with "I DONT WANT" OR "I DONT KNOW" memang she bomb jepun at you .. sudah la ! i don't want to say anything . Questions asked , replied with nodding or head shaking saja for tonight or when im pissed ! :( there's still something stuck in my heart , i don't know what . i feel like crying again , im still not used with labuan , even me and my sister don't talk that much anymore . she must hates me alot by now . ahh ~ c a n i d i e r i g h t n o w .

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    part II

    This is what i wear :DD daily ^^

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    are you under pretense ?

    :) I'm so under pretense , i tend to dress simply . Jeans and top and a cardigan above and my daily Converse sneaks , but really . These are amazingly gorgeous , adore adore adore :)

    THIS is what i like to see :)

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    Merry christmas :DDD

    Merry Christmas :DD

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    H Y P O C R I T E

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    Mucker Design

    Made by Malaysians FOR Malaysians :)

    Mucker AlCapone tee.


    RM10 for postage

    Buy 3 free postage

    For pre - order, contact us at facebook or sms / call :

    Wan - 016 717 2705

    Kamarul - 017 899 2281

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