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    ohgosh ,makeup . !

    u make me freaked out

    "ohgosh ,makeup . !" was Posted On: 31.1.12 @10:00 PM | 0 lovely comments
    which ?

    Which one is better looking?

    1 or 2 ?

    "which ?" was Posted On: 29.1.12 @4:19 PM | 2 lovely comments

    liam hemsworth

    y u gojes?

    "gojes" was Posted @4:05 PM | 0 lovely comments
    pink ` XD

    ♥ 25/01/2012 ♥

    "pink ` XD" was Posted On: 25.1.12 @9:23 PM | 0 lovely comments

    wo oi lei

    wo ai ni

    i love you

    jet aime

    te amo

    "l.o.v.e" was Posted On: 24.1.12 @5:47 PM | 0 lovely comments

    This is NICK SEOW ,i call him nicky KOKO ! XDDD , and he is showing his cibai face :p and his beautiful puppy eyes :p hehe
    this guy here is my bestfriend , i use to just bully him and suddenly he turned out to be the most helpful , sweet , supporting guy i ever know. :) He's younger than me and i treat him more like my elder brother , he's been saving me from so many situations and i appreciate every single thing he does . :p but he can be an asshole sometimes , but i THANK GOD for sending him to me. God doesn't send the person you want , but he person you need in life . :) i recall the time when i think i could have gotten killed , who saved me ? HIM ofcourse :) he appeared out of no where . and he offered to send me home , this happened twice . well ofcourse i would choose him out of anybody else . iloveyoubuddy ! Happy CNY dear :))

    ♥ sincerely from your bestfriend . he he he xoxo

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    Chinese new year looks :)

    personally my favourite look .

    Simple blouse ,
    high waist skirt
    Studded wedges :)

    Looks that are hot and yet won't kill :)

    "Chinese new year looks :)" was Posted @12:43 AM | 0 lovely comments
    le face that makes me famous

    well hello , i'm JAYY . problem ? this the real me ?! HAHAHHA





    problem ? :p

    ♥ ME GUSTA ♥

    "le face that makes me famous" was Posted @12:29 AM | 0 lovely comments
    kupi kupi d tengah malam

    It's 12.28am and im still on the net , watching tv . AND drinking coffee . how healthy ? :)

    nescafe ♥

    "kupi kupi d tengah malam" was Posted @12:28 AM | 0 lovely comments
    joseph gordon levitt

    Valentine's will be coming very soon , will you be mine ?


    "joseph gordon levitt" was Posted On: 22.1.12 @12:21 PM | 0 lovely comments
    babylove ..

    i miss you :'(

    "babylove .." was Posted On: 19.1.12 @10:50 PM | 0 lovely comments

    Hollywood Diet Recipe One:

    1 cup low-fat vanilla soy milk
    1 cup orange juice
    1 cup cranberry juice
    1 cup yogurt (plain)
    1/4 tsp. wheat-germ oil or 2 tbsp. wheat germ
    1/4 tsp. flaxseed oil

    Blend all ingredients together , then divide into two portions (each portion is a full day's diet drink). Sip throughout the day, along with plenty of water for 2 days.

    Hollywood Diet Recipe Two:

    Juice from 8 oranges
    Juice from 4 lemons
    4 Tablespoons of honey
    2 bananas, peeled and sliced
    2 apples peeled and sliced
    2 cups of grape juice

    Blend all ingredients together , then divide into two portions (each portion is a full day's diet drink). Sip throughout the day, along with plenty of water for 2 days.

    Stay on the Hollywood Diet for two days only, as this is a juice fast. Be sure to consult your doctor before starting any diet.

    "" was Posted On: 16.1.12 @7:28 PM | 0 lovely comments
    3 days diet :p

    Daily Instructions:

    Drink 4 glasses of water or diet soda per day. You may use herbs, salt, pepper, lemon, vinegar, Worcestershire, soy sauce, mustard and ketchup on your food.

    3 Day Diet Day One


    Black coffee or tea with Equal or Sweet & Low

    1/2 grapefruit or juice

    1 slice toast with 1 tablespoon peanut butter


    1/2 cup of tuna

    1 slice toast

    Black coffee or tea with Equal or Sweet & Low


    3 ounces of lean meat or chicken (any kind)

    1 cup green beans

    1 cup carrots

    1 apple

    1 cup regular vanilla ice cream

    3 Day Diet Day Two


    Black coffee or tea with Equal or Sweet & Low

    1 egg

    1/2 banana

    1 slice toast


    1 cup cottage cheese or tuna

    8 regular saltine crackers


    2 beef frankfurters

    1 cup broccoli or cabbage

    1/2 cup carrots

    1/2 banana

    1/2 cup regular vanilla ice cream

    3 Day Diet Day Three


    Black coffee or tea with Equal or Sweet & Low

    5 regular saltine crackers

    1 oz. cheddar cheese

    1 apple


    1 boiled egg

    1 slice toast

    Black coffee or tea with Equal or Sweet & Low


    1 cup tuna

    1 cup carrots

    1 cup cauliflower

    1 cup melon

    1/2 cup regular vanilla ice cream

    "3 days diet :p" was Posted @7:27 PM | 0 lovely comments

    This year is the year of the DRAGON


    It's so close , it's in the mere grasp of your fingers . :p i mean cash , CASH IN RED PACKETS :p

    Enjoy the festival

    "CNY" was Posted On: 15.1.12 @11:09 AM | 0 lovely comments


    Name : Thy sau chun
    Nick name : Chun
    Birthday : 9 september 1993
    Birthplace : Labuan Hospital .
    Zodiac : Virgo
    Chinese horoscope : Rooster : meat, fruit, except for vege,spicy stuff , and durian.
    Fav.drink : Everything , mostly alcohol :)
    Fav. place to hangout : Clubs , pubs and poolhouse , they make me happy ! :)
    hobbies : fb-ing, chitchat, anime, hangout with frens,

    So , tell me about your self . Go on don't be shy .

    let me start you off . :) and you slowly tell me about yourself .
    Are you working or studying now ?

    well , i am studying Certified Accounting Technician at Kinabalu Commercial College. and im currently working parttime at Besta Oneborneo .

    Okay , do you have tattoos ?

    No , i don't . But i would love to have one after i graduate and get a good job . I would want to have a thai buddhist type of tattoo . , Hmm , i don't have much to say . But these few months , or weeks i have been thinking of something . More like , someone . I have been loving her for so long , and i'm still waiting for her . Hoping one day i can hold her in my arms again .

    she wasn't my 1st girlfriend, but she is the 1st person to ever make me feel love . i loved her so much and fell in so deep....i keep on waiting , but i know that it is impossible that she will come back for me anymore...that i understand... A love so pure yet unreachable .

    Love hurts , but still everyone wants to bear it .

    stay strong sau chun :)

    "" was Posted On: 14.1.12 @10:13 PM | 1 lovely comments

    Getting married to someone you love is the happiest thing to feel ever . :)

    But is he / she the one for you ?

    Before making a lifelong promise

    here are seven signs if you've found the RIGHT partner in life

    • like minded
    • temperaments
    • commitment
    • love language
    • cooperation
    • attraction
    • liking each other

    what ?? ?? whatt ?? whatt ? WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO SAY ?! well...

    This is what i'm trying to say ♥ :

    You've invested a lot of time and effort and emotional energy in your relationship. Things are good and you think you've found the one . But is he REALLY the one for you ? read the traits and understand . (btw , i got this from an article )

    You are like minded

    • You don't have to be exactly the same, you do need to have congruent core morals and values. These shapes expectations and directions and are essential ingredients of a resilient marriage . After all , how can two people travel together ,and enjoy the journey , unless they are heading in the same direction and agree on how they will get there ? are you on the same pathway in terms of wants needs and desires ?

    • One of you may be an extrovert,and the other an introvert.One a type A , and the other more passive .While these Glaring differences may lead to conflict at times. these opposing temperaments often bring balance. If you are the yin to your mate's Yang or vice versa , you will better your chances of achieving a harmonious relationship. Beware , if your respective tendencies are just too different to ever make the puzzle pieces fit .

    • Love is not all you need , it needs effort and work to cultivate a strong relationship for the long term .Rewards rarely come by just "phoning it in" ; rather dividends are realized when you work hard at something with fore-thought , intention and resolve. Committing to always fine-tuning and bettering your relationship is the glue that holds it all together .
    Love language

    • when two people with different dialects try to communicate , it is often confusing and frustrating . Neither person understands what the other is trying to say . The same holds true in a marriage where each partner has their own "Love Language" - those romantic,sexual and emotional needs that make each individual feel fulfilled . Is your mate taking the time to learn and speak your Love language ? and are you interested in speaking his/hers - or is such emotional gratification already being lost in translation ?

    • this is where rubber meets the road .
    • remember!! marital life is filled with bumps, twists and turns , so having a partner that works well with you through conflict minimizes the stress on the relationship .

    • Do you remember that initial spark between the two of you ? There is a special chemistry that is electrifying when there is a true physical attraction .As your relationship matures , daily life issues dominate your attention, And bodies age , this fundamental attraction can keep those fire burning between the two of you . Both physically and emotionally . every fire will burn itself out if not fuelled,so assess if the flames are being stoked now .
    Liking each other

    • A relationship must be based upon a solid friendship that can stand the test of time . You must genuinely enjoy each other's company and prefer to spend time together rather than alone or with others . You should like the person as much as you love them .
    • Respect , admiration and honor are enduring traits that remain even as passion ebbs and flows over time . can you truly say that your mate is your best friend ? would your partner say that about you too ?

    These are the interesting things that bound couples , the right one to marry :)
    i'm not saying that if your partner doesn't have these traits means that he's not the right one for you .

    Who you choose , is what you love . :)

    Remember , god doesn't send the person we want . But the person we need . That's why i don't believe in love at first sight .

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    she's got no moneh in the bank !

    all my people on the floor party all night !!

    ♥ Sasha lopez you rock ! ♥

    btw , that is ze picture of me , and i was just testing the different ways of photo editing :)

    "she's got no moneh in the bank !" was Posted On: 13.1.12 @8:25 PM | 0 lovely comments
    real steel

    Real steel rating , 10/10 :) amazing

    "real steel" was Posted On: 11.1.12 @11:00 PM | 0 lovely comments
    papoyy !

    M I N I O N S

    patataaa !!! dadadadaaa papoyy !!

    "papoyy !" was Posted @3:19 PM | 0 lovely comments


    "haha" was Posted On: 9.1.12 @6:32 PM | 0 lovely comments

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