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    China town at 6.45pm

    Labuan has its pretty moments .

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    I love my jiejie.

    When you feel down , is there someone that pops in your head first ? When you feel like sharing something , does that person come running thru your mind ? :) Who is it ? Who are they to you ? For me , when i think there's a question i can't answer or something i want to share so badly but i don't know who to share it with .. I share it with my eldest sister Jandee . :)

    She's the only one who can tell me off , and then i'll take it , and it doesn't leave a grudge . She's the only one who can say things to me and make me realize , she can really talk sense into me . That makes her more of a parent to me . :) If there was sister day , she would be the first person i would say "HAPPY SISTERS DAY!!!" and thenn i would call the other sister Polly and wish her too . :DD wait ! this doesn't mean i don't love Jiejie polly. I do ! But she's farrrrr awwyyyyyyyy . I seldom talk to her , but i don't mind .As long as she knows i love her too . :DD we share the same birthdate ok ?

    Anyway .. This post is just about appreciation , I appreciate what jiejie jandee has done for me , but i don't know how to show her the appreciation . I pity her sometimes , its like the whole family bullies her , :p It's not that actually for me . I just find her veryvery smart . She's just so smart that i think we are dumb . So we come to her and ask for help  . She gets pissed sometimes , but then she'll be fine .. thats what i love about her too . She's an angel . Who wouldn't love her ? I'm glad to have her as my sister , i would neverrrr ! NEVER ! give anything for her to be changed !? haha . If any of you ask me who i prefer ? i would say her . I choose her over my parents . Sorry to say that la , i love my parents too . but i love my elder sister more . She treats me like an adult but then can make me feel like a kid again . :) i can share her things , she's my walking diary . ! I tell her something and it doesn't come out of her mouth like everrrr. Amazing huh ? Don't be jealous that i have the best sister in the world ! I'm sure my other siblings agree to the fact that Jandee is the one of the awesome people alive . ;D shout out to god : THANK YOU GOD FOR SENDING SOMEONE SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO LOVABLE AND PERFECT TO OUR LIVES ! amen . ♥

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    Y so pretty ? :( i want you . ~

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    I like his eyes . D:

    Dustin Milligan .

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    miamor ♥


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    I got this from the net . But its worth reading . and i think its true


    【 STAGE 1 (1-3 Months): The Honeymoon Stage 】

    Everything seems perfect, both are happy and feeling “in love.” You share moments, dates and just having fun with each other, sharing laughs and giggles. It’s like nothing could stop you. Your feelings are infinite, and for once you’re thinking, “This may work out….” and it seems like nothing could go wrong. You spendhours getting ready before going out with this person.

    *If your relationship ended in this stage — Most likely, both rushed into the relationship too quickly. Being together was all too sudden and just for the moment. When one starts noticing the flaws, one gets a choice to move foward, or back away. Being friends has a high percentage of working out, but nothing to stress over. Both may just need the time to get to know one another better.

    【 STAGE 2 (4-6 months): The Bumpy Road 】

    Things are going okay now. The relationship is calm and settled; both are still mostly happy. Had a couple arguments and disagreements here and there, nothing huge. Start to notice some of each other’s flaws and aspects of their personalities not seen before, but still truly care for one another.

    *If your relationship ended in this stage — You truly cared about this person. You had the energy to fight for this person, yet you feel as if something was lacking, something was missing. It doesn’t feel right, one isn’t happy. When one isn’t happy, one tends to walk away to seek their new happiness. Being friends is still a possibility.

    【 STAGE 3 (7-12 months): The Rocky Mountain 】

    You start to realize who your partner really is. A few more arguments may occur. Problems with jealously, overprotectiveness may arise. Other people may come in the picture. The “in love” moments start to decrease, but you feel as if you’ve “fallen in love.” You tend to have this energy inside to strive and “make it work,” and you feel more comfortable being around this person, feeling more of yourself.

    *If your relationship ends in this stage — You feel as if you’re hurt, depending on the circumstances. You were so sure that that person was “The One.” You were so SURE that he/she was different. But like a cancer, a problem that may have happened, a small issue, grew into something larger that took over what was made between two people. You still miss this person from time to time. You still remember the memories. Being friends may be difficult right away, but over time, you slowly mature up, and learn the reality of it.

    【 STAGE 4 (1 year or more): The Long Road 】

    1, 2, 3, 4, 5 years, huh? This person truly means something to you. You are “in love” with this person. He/she made a difference in your life. No one else knows you more than this person. You guys have been through the good, the bad, and the ugly, and still strive to make it last.

    *If your relationship ends in this stage — You feel heartbroken; it’s tough. You can’t sleep, can’t eat, you miss him/her, you try to move on, you try meeting new people, but seems like nothing works. For whatever reason the split occured, it must’ve been something important, or something must have been so wrong that it took over. Being “just friends” is impossible, because if you tried to be friends, you wouldn’t be able to think of them in any other way besides the one you once “loved” .. .. ♥

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    si ne vale la pena.

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     Jensen !??? Jensen ackles? XD

    Y ? 
    Y U SO HOT ?


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    I want Glow in the dark nail polish . :( Glowwy glowwy neon baby !

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    This is freaking me out . :3 

    Tq Baby :3

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    That's him :) Haimie . 
    I find him cute , loving and also very caring.
    he's less than a jerk , not much of an asshole.
    Polite , thinks before he speaks .

    We had our ups and downs 
    but i finally gave in and forgave him.

    :) thank you for being patient with me Love . 

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    Nails make you go gaga .

     green and brown leopard , first attempt on Cousin's hand .
     trying on the new shatter my eldest sister bought for me .
     Dark blue 3D nail art , i still suck at this
     pink and blue leopards , 2nd attempts :)  my fav so far .
     1st attempt , drawing ribbons . :( uglayy .
     My favourite , also 1st attempt of newspaper prints 

    Yes yes , i did them all by myself . :D

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