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    One point in life you'd meet someone that is hard to let go , and that 
    person is the one that changes things in your current life . I met that 
    guy , the guy I don't deserve , the guy I ditched so many times and yet he would still come back asking for more shit . I don't deserve a guy who chases after me when I walk away from him , a guy who would do anything just to make me smile , a guy who kneels on the ground just to say Sorry , a guy who cries when I cry , a guy who would call me back right after I hang up on him , a guy who would send me to work every morning even though the walk only takes less that 5 minutes . I don't deserve him , but I'm glad that I have him . :') Thank you for sticking with me through the ups and downs . ♥ 

    Sincerely ,


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