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    shih tzu !

    I want this puppy :( i wanna have this dog ! but unfortunately i live in a place where dogs are hard to take care off . but but but :'(( 

    "shih tzu ! " was Posted On: 22.9.12 @9:58 AM | 0 lovely comments
    who is this ?

    Say hello to CLEOLL Carol Lyne Elias O.L.L :D smat kan nama dia ? i kno  !!!!

    she is one of those girls like wawa , remember wawa ? :D this is shorter version of wawa , i know this one longer than wawa though . This has been thru my thick and thin , my pain and smiles . Knows me the best , i miss her . :( thats why i'm posting this . I miss the times we all spent together with wawa . She's like my mommy ! :p she use to do the cooking and she cleans the house . :D hahahaha , and i don't have to pay her anything . i just feed her the internet . HAHAHAHA. oh carol . i miss you :( 

    "who is this ?" was Posted On: 18.9.12 @8:16 PM | 0 lovely comments
    When you gotta stop it .

    Gastric , what can i say about this ? i hate it ! :D I'm so hungry now , but i have to wait for my porridge to cook .  ;[  still thinking what to eat with the porridge . :( sad . 

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    minzy ! i love you !

    I don't usually go crazy over a Kpop group , but i really really love 2NE1 . I don't find them like the other kpop ladies , always singing something so cheesy . They really sing something that sounds more meaningful . HECK NO , i don't understand a word they're singing , but sounds better and sure dance better in videos and also LIVE . the other kpop group "ladies" dance so bad , and sound so bad live . here are my idols . :D

    The first photo is 2NE1 together , the 2nd - 4th is minzy . :D my favourite ! I LOVE MINZY !

    "minzy ! i love you !" was Posted On: 17.9.12 @3:08 PM | 0 lovely comments
    lame post ?

    Hello , 

    Dear readers , i Jayneice has a message to send to you . 
    Since i have been working , i find it IMPOSSIBLE to keep updating my blog , so please be patient and please continue reading my LAME ASS posts . :D 

    and since you're at it , why don't enjoy some songs . LAME ASS SONGS too :DD

    i hope you enjoy your short stay , do click the FOLLOW ME button above .

    thank you , arigato , terima kasih , salamat , xie xie ni , grazie , 감사합니다 , merci , gracias !

    "lame post ?" was Posted On: 12.9.12 @7:56 PM | 0 lovely comments
    little things

     Things I want to achieve in life .

    - I want to get an IPhone of my own money
    - I want to open a cute tiny business of my own . Maybe a candy shop or an ice cream shop :DD
    - I want to make my parents smile for something I did .. :|
    - I want to make my sisters proud

    - To get married to an islam person without changing my religion ,. LOL ! 

    "little things" was Posted On: 7.9.12 @8:30 AM | 0 lovely comments

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