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    bully ? cyberbully ?

    I have this friend , She keeps getting bullied on the internet and people talk shit about her behind her back and she is lucky she's mentally stronger than most people . This things shouldn't be happening anymore . Do you know what is the worldwide rate of suicide last year ? its is 10.07 per 100,000 people . 

    READ THIS . ( got it off a website @ )

    Facts about suicide
    • One million approximate number of suicides worldwide each year.
    • Every 40 seconds somebody dies by suicide.
    • 60 per cent increase in worldwide suicide rates in last 45 years.
    • 20 numbers of failed suicide attempts for each successful one.
    • Women are more likely than man to attempt suicide, while men are much more likely to succeed.

    What Causes Suicide?
    Risk factors for suicide include mental disorder (such as depression, personality disorder, alcohol dependence, or schizophrenia), and some physical illnesses, such as neurological disorders, cancer, and HIV infection are a major risk factor for suicide in Europe and North America; however, in Asian countries impulsiveness plays an important role. Suicide is complex with psychological, social, biological, cultural and environmental factors involved.

    How can suicide be prevented?
    Not all suicides can be prevented, but a majority can. There are a number of measures that can be taken at community and national levels to reduce the risk, including:
    • Education about suicide is one of the most important steps in preventing it.
    • Strategies involving restriction of access to common methods of suicide, such as firearms or toxic substances like pesticides, have proved to be effective in reducing suicide rates; however, there is a need to adopt multi-sectoral approaches involving many levels of intervention and activities.
    • There is compelling evidence indicating that adequate prevention and treatment of depression and alcohol and substance abuse can reduce suicide rates, as well as follow-up contact with those who have attempted suicide.


    It is important for all adults to understand that bullying does not have to be a normal part of childhood. All forms of bullying are harmful to the bully, the victim, and to witnesses. The effects can last well into adulthood.
    1. Impact on Victims: Children who are bullied are at risk of the following
      • Anxiety
      • Loneliness
      • Low self-esteem
      • Poor social self-competence
      • Depression
      • Psychosomatic symptoms
      • Social withdrawal
      • Physical health complaints
      • Running away from home
      • Alcohol and drug use
      • Suicide
      • Poor academic performance.
    2. Impact on Bullies: Children and youth who frequently bully are more likely to
      • Get into frequent fights
      • Be injured in a fight
      • Vandalize property
      • Steal property
      • Drink alcohol
      • Smoke
      • Be truant from school
      • Drop out of school
      • Carry a weapon
      • Become a criminal. In one study, 60% of those who bullied had at least one criminal conviction by age 24.
    3. Impact on Bystanders, Witnesses and Assistants
    • Children can be influenced indirectly by being witnesses to interpersonal violence.
    •  Witnessing others being victimized can significantly heighten feelings of vulnerability and lower feelings of personal safety.

    Some people survived , some people left ..
    click the link to read stories about others .

    Suicide of Megan Meier

    Real life stories of Cyber bully victims

    Jared's Story

    Finally ! If someone ever bashes you , stay strong and ask them to


    That's right , kiss your ass . :)

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