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         Goodnight from Malaysia, 21:53pm .

    Jayyvelacour & BabyMika

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    What a day.

    So today was actually a normal day. I baked some muffins and i was pissed to find that the white chocolate had somehow melted and disappeared so i ended up having just chocolate muffin with white chocolate topping. 


    But thats not the end of my rant. Guess what happened today? Hehe. Its quite terrible if you ask me. 

    I was about to have my shower so i put my daughter in her cot and i got undressed and i repeatedly told her that i'm gonna have my shower and i'm gonna give her a bath after that. The second i walked out the room she cried and cried and cried as if she was in pain. She literally screamed her voice away. I had to pick her up and soothe her. After a while she finally gave in and she started smiling and touching my face,lightly pulling my hair. Taking that as the cue to put her down again,so i layed her down in her cot and she started howling again. I immediately picked her up and decided that i shall bring her with me to the toilet.  

    The plan was to leave her in her bath tub and i take a quick shower. Well this choice embarassed me for a brief moment. Like i said , i wanted to take a quick shower (our toilet door broke down ,im naked with the door open). 

    Right when i put my daughter in her tub she starts screaming and i'm afraid for her safety i wanted to pick her up again,but luck wasn't on my side. My sisters' maid heard my daughters cries and she quickly walked in the toilet to check on us and guess what. You take a good guess!! are you thinking 'she saw you naked?' HAHAHA WELL YOU GOT THAT RIGHT 



     Nevertheless, i love her. ❤️

     my darlingdarling 
     ❤️ Mikayla Evangeline Sanchez ❤️

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    Hello again

     I keep saying hello! But im just really laZy when it comes to updating my honestly,I basically have no time since i have my baby. She's 5months old now. Fluffy, big eyes,sweet smile. Innocent. Hahaha . 

    I'm still coping , still lazy, not adapting really well to the motherhood lifestyle. I still act as if im on vacation. 😂. 

    I'll get used to it. Soon. Well,thats about it. Goodnight for now. ❤️

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