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    I've been working for over 2 weeks now , currently in a trust company called Alpadis Trust . Working here is fine , awfully quiet but i guess that's how a real office is. Workmates ? totally great people. My superior is a nice lady by the name of Michelle, shes really really nice and sweet . well ,thats all about work :p 

    I'm currently at work now and why am i on Blogger ? Because Catherine said "DO YOUR WORK SLOWLY" , am i doing it too fast ? probably i am , so might as well waste some time on my lovely Blog that i haven't updated for far too long. My english needs help too , i probably can't speak and write english properly anymore. Poor thing , i need to add "Buy more books" on my checklist for March 2016, well obviously putting "READ MORE BOOKS" on my 2016 Checklist .. 

    I really hope i can read more books, since Mikayla is growing up so fast ! little muffins in 9 months old now and shes crawling really fast now and she's slowly learning how to walk (with help from bed/sofa/me) 

    Talking about Mikayla , 3 more months and she turns 1 ! oh wow ! feels really fast , it feels like as if i just held her in my arm yesterday for the first time . :') time goes by really fast when you're in love . hahahhahaha ! I'm selfish because i don't want her to grow up so fast . i still want to cuddle with her when its sleeping time :( im the one with the separation issues . hahahaha

    Well , i need to continue doing my "work" , i'll try and update this everyday when my Boss is not around. He sits behind me and he can see my screen from where he is sitting . AHAHAH , not appropriate to be doing other things besides work right .

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