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    Me , my baby and my best friend (and my teddy bear)

    So , that day i invited my bijj Salwani Sawi to come over and hang out because i miss her and she misses me too :p 

    She's such and incredible person and i just can't put words together to explain how amazing she is . She's been through with me , up and down even though we have fights and misunderstandings , she is still worth fighting for and ofcourse worth having in your life . well, in this case my life .

    the latest thing she did for me was , i had food poisoning , or nazro said "cholera" , cause i didn't remember eating anything from outside ,but i did drink at a kopitiam . So, probably it came from water hence Nazro said its Cholera. Back to my main story , so i wasn't replying her messages and she got quite worried and when i finally replied and i told her what happened , she immediately told her father she wants to come see me. She , her sister Eqa and her dad drove to my parents house and she bought Porridge and soup . My dad was probably amazed i had a friend like her , my sister Jandee knows about her already. 

    When wani came , my dad opened the door for her and she sat on my bed while i was playing with Mikayla , i really couldn't bear the pain but i was trying my best . She sat there watching me and kayla and she told me to take care , she said she wished she could stay longer . Me ? i just cried inside and i think she's my guardian angel that i pray to have everyday . funny , she prayed for a guardian angel and she got the devil in disguise (me) , I prayed for a guardian angel and i got one hahahahhahahahahaha ! 

    Theres so much more i can tell you about my wani , but most of it is private and confidential . She's engaged by the way . To an equally incredible person named Bino @ Uwais and soon they are going to be married (Game Over BRO!) and its gonna be Wani ♥ Wais all over town , hahahahahahaha  ! i can't wait. Why i can't wait ? Becoohhs im the brides maid . BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA ! do they even call it brides maid i wonder ? i don't want to be the one kipasing kipasing them tho , probably i would but i dunno . hahahahahahaha ! nakal eh . im laughing my ass off here , i really am so excited . :') kawan saya dah besar . well , they can soon fuck legally . AHAHAHAHAHAHHA ! THERE I GO AGAIN . i can't stop laughing now can i . 

    Well , thats about it , im not going to tell you anymore about my girl , because i respect her privacy and that is all i can tell you. tataloos.

    Interview day at Airport
    Interview day at Ujana Kewangan
    Social Visit //Kayla's first time meeting Wani after a long time 

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