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    Sleepy baby

    Cover my mouth so i don't breathe down your face haahaha

    This morning i had to deal with a very sleepy baby , she really didn't want to wake up . I talked so loud , i turned on some music and started singing along like an idiot to "Lost Stars - Adam Levine" She didn't even budge !!!!! So i started taking pictures , honestly i have like 10 pictures of her sleeping this morning . I even tickled her feet , she just kicked me away and continue sleeping . So i stood up , turned on the heater, got her food ready in a container and i went back to the room to find yet a sleeping baby . I sighed so loud i think that woke her up , she turned over and blinked a few times and she laid back down and started pointing at the window as if shes scolding me as i would imagine her conversations sometimes . This one went like "HEH ? WHY IS THE CURTAIN OPEN MAMA ? HEH ? HEH ? HEH ?" tiny finger pointing at the window . She then crawled towards the window, climbed on a pillow and started bouncing , enjoying the view i guess . ahhahaha , then she started to poo , mind you , i have to wait for her too poo otherwise she refuses to eat and off course its such a waste to change her pampers when she hasn't even pooed yet . After her business is done , i finally got her to the toilet and we had our luxurious shower and bath. End of story . ohh , i missed out the best part , she's currently obsessed with toothbrushes , because i always  brush her teeth and this time she wants to brush her own teeth , so she brings her toothbrush EVERYWHERE , yes even to bed.

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