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    Tired of these feelings

    I never really thought that falling out of love was really possible. Until it really happened, I feel like i don't want him around, I feel suffocated when he's being a little bit overwhelming.

    It's really suffocating...

    sometimes , i feel like its the end of the world when he is not around but is it really? i doubt it.

    I can always answer for people when they ask me "what is wrong with me ?". Man, i'd give them a straight up answer . Surprisingly, when it comes to my own problems...i always seem to face a fucking dead end. Literally speaking. A MAJOR FUCKING DEAD END.

    Explains though, why women are so complicated. We are !! Don't you dare shake your head ! Have you ever yelled at your boyfriend/husband/partner for nothing ? then  go to bed thinking "Why did i do that for?" bitch, you didn't even know why you yelled at him for. Are you going to say sorry ? No. Why ? because you iz a bitch and you said sorry in your heart and you still hoping he is going to try to make you happy. Bitch you iz dreaming. hahahahah, women. geez. 

    "Tired of these feelings" was Posted On: 22.8.17 @8:36 PM | 0 lovely comments

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