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    just when you thought THIS was your happy ending

    so, one thing i learnt in this 25 years is that.. happiness doesn't come easy.
    It doesnt mean you have to give up on happiness, be happy no matter what. no matter how hard it is.

    So, what made me say this ? well , i met someone. Someone who i had a crush on for quite long. So, when we finally hit that road, i thought to myself .. Yes, this is it. its him . he's my ending.. guess what? i totally doubt it right now. It's only been 1 month and im dreading it already. *fuckin big laugh*

    Don't get me wrong , he is LOVELY. Heaven sent but the problem is ME. HAHAHAHHAHAHAH !!! i'm dead serious, its me. Sensitive, always doubting him . I feel like i dragged my own ass into hell , i didn't even need the devil to pull my ass there. ahhahahahahhaha.

    well, thats just me ranting and wondering what is wrong with me.
    I might have a problem , like a problem trusting. Whats wrong with me ? HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH

    "just when you thought THIS was your happy ending" was Posted On: 18.12.17 @8:31 PM | 0 lovely comments

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